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  Head Tracking Mouse
Head Tracking technology is a device transmitting a signal from atop the computer monitor (or laptop), and tracking a reflector placed on the user's head or eyeglasses.

A mouse alternative as this allows the person control over the movement of the cursor; using only the movement of his head.

Once calibrated, the movement of the user's head relates to what direction the onscreen cursor will travel. Turning head left; directs mouse to move left. Turning head right; directs the mouse to move right. Nodding head downward; directs mouse to move down the screen. Nodding head upward; directs the mouse to move up the screen.

A mouse alternative this only provides the individual control over mouse movements. It does NOT provide the mouse functions such as a mouse "click". F

Another useful program for head tracking systems known as Dwell Select, provides the user to perform a mouse "click" and "drag-lock" functions.

Simply stated, Dwell Select are assistive programs. When the cursor is stationary for a predefined time (1 second...2 seconds...etc) the Dwell Select will then perform an assigned mouse function.

Another supportive program as an OnScreen keyboard provides the user to type information into applications for email, and word processing for complete "hands" free of regular keyboard.



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