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  OnScreen Keyboard

Onscreen / My-T-Soft AT provides On-Screen keyboard emulation that works with ANY Windows program. The Assistive Technology Version provides a wealth of features specifically designed for use by individuals who can not easily use common input devices.

Onscreen / My-T-Soft AT is a Windows software program that provides a powerful interface through a ANY pointing device by providing on-screen keyboards, Word Prediction / Word Completion, user programmable macros, and complete control over all computer functions.

Onscreen / My-T-Soft AT uses a concept found in fighter planes, helicopters, tanks, and automobiles. That concept is called "Heads Up Display" technology and its principal objective is to keep the user's focus and concentration centered in one place. Onscreen / My-T-Soft AT uses that concept to reduce the visual re-focusing and re-positioning, caused by the heads up and down motion of going from screen to keyboard to screen, and the resulting confusion it causes .
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One of the most important uses of Sip n Puff Joystick, and Eyegaze Systems is to type. For typing, an On Screen keyboard is often used.

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Manufacturers of On-screen Keyboards

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