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  NoHands Mouse
by Hunter Digital

Completely foot-operated, thus it eliminates the wasteful "travel time" it takes to move the hand and eye from the keyboard and monitor, to the mouse and back. Computer users are realizing up to 30 percent increase in efficiency!

Avoid carpal tunnel syndrome associated with desktop mice. The NoHands Mouse virtually eliminates stress on the delicate hand-wrist area by moving mouse control to the feet! The NoHands Mouse eliminates wasteful, repetitive "keyboard-to-mouse" hand movements. With the NoHands Mouse, you can have complete contol of the cursor without having to take your hands off the keyboard, or your eyes off the monitor.

IBM Compatible PS/2 Mouse
no hands mouse control of the mouse and cursor using a feet  
  • Allows use of standard desktop mouse at the same time.
  • One pedal controls cursor movement, the other is for mouse clicks.
  • Compatible with Windows, OS/2, and Mac.
  • Heavy duty, injection molded plastic shell.
  • 360-degree, pressure sensitive mechanism.
  • Pedal dimensions: 10.0 inches long, 1.5 inches high, 4.0 inches wide.

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