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  SAM (Switch Adapted Mouse)

Gus! Mouse (with switch interface)

Gus! Mouse Switch adapted For switch/scanning users. Its a Windows compatible mouse and a PC switch interface (1 or 2 switches) in a single unit!

Does both jobs at the same time! No need to buy an expensive "switch interface box".

Available in Serial and PS/2 versions.

short ruler

RJ Cooper's picture-descriptive of what a Switch Adapted trackball RJ Cooper switch adapted mouse is, and already adapted for persons with special needs. Plug the SAM where your current mouse is, and plug your switch(es) into SAM. A switch plugged into one of SAM's switch inputs acts as the corresponding button, function (click, double click). The switch-user does all the clicking of the mouse, through SAM, while you move it. This turns any computer activity into great cooperative fun. Allow a person with gross-motor hand (or fine-motor head ) control to move the mouse, and do the clicking, double clicking, and click-lock (for drag) with other parts of their body.

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