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Crique's Easy Cat TouchPad
Easy Cat
Touch Pad

Touch Pads allow for mouse movement simply by dragging a finger tip across a surface. Beneath this surface are grid-like array of sensors which detect the skin of a person. A stylus or typing stick would not work with a touch pad.

Touch Pads use a technology called field distortion sensing, a form of capacitance-sensing technology.

Under the sealed surface are two layers of fine electrical conductors, arranged in a grid, which create a surface electrical field.

When you touch the surface, your fingertip distorts the electrical field at that spot. I can precisely locate the touch of your fingertip by scanning the grid and sensing the strength of the distortion on each conductor.

Direction of the On Screen mouse or cursor is directly effected by movement of a person's finger tip on surface of the touch pad. Good fine motor control of a finger is all that is needed. Supporting software allows for customizing the acceleration of the mouse and for assigning mouse "click" and "drag-lock" functions as well. The size of touch pads varies depending on manufacturer and model. Some are as small as a 2 inch by 2 inch rectangle.

  • Crique Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP

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