Acai Berry for Constipation

If you deal with constant constipation or any number of other digestive problems, the Acai berry could be the solution you are looking for. This amazing super fruit is packed full of, essential fatty acids, fiber, and physosterols, all which contribute to a healthy digestive system.

Digestive problems where the first ailments that Acai was used to treat. The Amazon Rainforest natives have been using the Acai berry for constipation for hundreds of years.

The physosterols assist in the absorption of nutrients and work to strengthen the digestive tract, so the stool can move smoothly though your bowels.

Acai has a high fiber content which helps soften stool and move it through the digestive track smoothly. When you are getting extra fiber, whether it is from Acai or any other source, it is essential that you drink plenty of water. While fiber is one main key to stopping constipation, it can actually make things worse if you don’t drink enough water.

Omega fatty acids are essential to our body’s function, but we do not naturally produce them ourselves. Acai is a great source of Omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids. Not only will these essential fatty acids reduce cholesterol and improve overall brain function, they will also improve your entire digestive system and help prevent constipation.

While Acai supplements are available in many different forms, Acai berry juice is the best for constipation. When you drink it in juice form you get the best absorption of Acai’s digestive help properties.

If you would like to learn about purchasing high quality Acai juice read our article discussing where to buy Acai berry.

Amazon Thunder Acai vs. Sambazon Acai

If you don’t live in the Amazon then chances are you won’t have access to fresh Acai berries. That means if you want to reap all the benefits of Acai you will have to purchase an Acai product (juice, powder, or pills). Ever since I was introduced to Acai juice it has been my mission to find the best product available for those of us not luckily enough to have these berries growing in our backyard.

In my research I have found two products which are good enough that I would feel comfortable recommending to anyone. The first is Amazon Thunder Acai, which focuses their business on 100% pure Acai products that are packaged in Brazil as soon as the fruit is picked. The second is Sambazon Acai who offers a wide range of organic Acai products which come in many different flavors.

You can’t go wrong with either, as they both produce high quality products with processes that preserve all of the nutritional content found in Acai. However, when you break down each product one is the clear cut winner, and this is the product I decided to go with for my everyday dose of Acai. In this article I will compare each product to show you which one came out on top.

Let’s start out with the nutritional facts labels of each product:

The first label is for Amazon Thunder and the second is from Sambazon Acai

Amazon Thunder Label

Sambazon Acai Label

The first thing you will notice is the difference in serving size. Since Amazon Thunder is Acai juice in its purest form you only need 1oz to get your daily dose, compared to the 8oz needed from Sambazon. Even with the lower serving size Amazon Thunder edges out Sambazon on Omega fatty acid content. The vitamin and mineral content is fairly similar, with the main exception being Sambazon having higher vitamin C because of the added organic lime juice.

The deal breaker for me comes from how each company decided to sweeten their juice. You will notice that Amazon Thunder has only 3g of sugar per serving while Sambazon packs a whopping 25g. I drink Acai juice because it is a great way to promote a healthy life style with good eating habits, and I feel that the high sugar content in Sambazon takes away from that.

Since the products are so similar this was the deciding factor that led me to pick Amazon Thunder as my #1 recommended Acai product. However, price was also a big factor. One bottle of Amazon Thunder costs $39 and has enough servings to last you

a whole month, which equals about $1.30 per day. The cheapest you can get a bottle (one bottle is a daily serving) of Sambazon is $3.50. That means Sambazon is almost 3 times as expensive as Amazon Thunder.

So, not only have we determined that Amazon Thunder makes the best Acai juice, but it also has the best price.

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The History of The Acai Berry

The Acai berry is a sensational fruit that originated in the Rainforests of Northern Brazil. It is packed with cell protecting antioxidants, which give it cancer fighting and anti-aging properties. It is a natural energy booster, and is known as a natural way to help lower bad cholesterol. The natives have used the Acai berry for hundreds of years, and can make up as much as 50% of their daily diet.

Since the Acai berry is a very unstable fruit (meaning it falls apart during transport) it was not until refrigerated trucks were available for transport in the 1980s that Acai was introduced to the people of Rio. It quickly gained popularity there because the acai health benefits are easily noticeable after consuming it for only a few weeks.

The most popular way it was consumed is called the “Acai Bowl Rio Style”. In this dish frozen Acai berries are mixed with guarana, fresh bananas and strawberries (or any fruit you prefer), and topped with organic granola. This quick and easy bowl is very popular for breakfast because it gives you a healthy boost of energy and is refreshingly delicious.

The rest of the world really started taking notice of Acai berries when it was revealed that Brazilian surfers used Acai berry juice before competitions to gain an edge over their opponents. The Gracie ju-jitsu school also took notice of the benefits Acai juice has for athletes and encouraged all their students to drink it.

In 2005 Todd and Jeanette Reum introduced their Amazon Thunder Acai products to the western world. They are one the few companies that make 100% certified organic Acai products available to people around the world. This was a huge step in growing Acai’s popularity and introduced it to millions of people who would never have the opportunity to try it otherwise.

In 2006 the University of Florida published an acai cancer study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry that claimed Acai berries triggered a self-destruct response in leukemia cells.

The fruit really started gaining momentum in the health food industry when Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Ray (neither specifically endorsed a product) both listed Acai fruit juice as their #1 Superfoods during broadcasts of their shows. When Oprah talks people listen, especially when the product is as amazing as Acai berry juice is.

Acai has become so popular that farmers must work extremely hard to keep up with the high level of demand. It has even been speculated that the immense popularity of Acai is having a huge effect on saving the Rainforests. Whether it be for personal health or saving the environment this small purple berry never ceases to amaze.

Does The Acai Fruit Really Cause You To Lose Weight?

If you have been searching the web for information on the Acai fruit then you probably run into ads for some Acai pills making huge claims.

Here is a short excerpt from one of the sites selling these pills:

Flush Pound after Pound!

Acai Gently Burns and Flushes Pounds of Fat

I’ve been drinking Acai juice for a while now, and thought it was odd that these companies where selling Acai pills as a dietary supplement. Acai is an amazing health food, but I have never thought about it as something that would directly cause me to lose weight. These products look very fishy so I decided to do some research to find out if Acai really has any innate weight loss properties.

The first place I looked was on the Acai pill’s product pages. It would make sense that they would back up their weight loss claims with some actual proof. The products cost up to $88 each month, so it would only make sense that they provide plenty of details on how their products work.

However, none of these products ever explain exactly how the Acai diet works. The only details they provide are statements such as this:

[Product Name] will help you to rid your body of unwanted waste and prevent future build up from occurring. Along with its amazing cleansing properties coming the amazing anti-oxidant properties of the Acai berry.

Antioxidants do many good things, but I have never heard of them cleansing your body of intestinal waste build up. I did not need to read past that to come to the conclusion that the claim of their Acai pills washing away 30-50 pounds of fat was just a ploy to get people to buy to their scam products.

Are You Saying Acai Will Not Help Me Lose Weight?

Even though we have uncovered these Acai berry scams does not mean Acai will not help you lose some weight. Drinking Acai juice is a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and this alone will cause you to lose weight. Truly healthy people are not over weight, so doing anything that promotes a health life style will help you to lose weight.

The Acai fruit also contains some properties that directly promote weight loss. Acai can stabilize blood sugar levels with promotes a more health appetite. It also contains Cyanidin which is thought to assist in reducing the absorption of fat.

So, Does Acai Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Well, the answer is yes but you need to take that with a grain of salt. If you see a product claiming that Acai will flush away 10, 20, 30 or even 40 pounds of fat fast then you can be sure it’s a fraudulent claim.

However, when you make Acai a part of a health diet and add in a solid exercise routine you should be able to see some great results.

If you would like to read about my #1 recommended source for your daily Acai intake please read my Amazon Thunder Acai Review.

Amazon Thunder Acai Review

Amazon Thunder Acai Review (5 out of 5 stars!)

Amazon Thunder produces the highest quality Acai products on the market. If you are looking for the most potent and purest Acai products then Amazon Thunder is for you. All of their products are processed and refined in facilities in Brazil, and are USDA certified organic.

Most other Acai products contain added sugar and caffeine. Since Acai already contains energy boosting properties these are completely unnecessary additions that companies add to hide the fact that they are using a lower concentration and poor quality Acai berries.

Amazon Thunder only uses the best berries grown and harvested Brazilian Rainforest communities. As soon as the berries are picked Amazon Thunder exports and packages the fruit so it keeps all of its amazing health benefits. Since the Acai fruit is highly perishable if it’s not handled in this manner it loses most of what makes it so good for you.

Unlike other juices Amazon Thunder Acai juice is made from 100% pure Acai pulp. Most other products are essentially very expensive grape juice with just a little Acai added in. Amazon Thunder pulp puree is the purest organic Acai you can buy, and you will be able to tell the difference once you try it for yourself.

Amazon Rainforest natives have been using Acai for hundreds of years to stay healthy. They are some of theAcai Puree healthiest people on earth (despite their lack of modern medicine) because of these amazing benefits the fruit provides:

  • Essential Fatty Acids, Omegas 3, 6, and 9, are the “good” fats that our body needs to maintain a high level of health. Our bodies do not make these ourselves so we need to get them from other sources. They help reduce cholesterol and help maintain a healthy heart. They also help improve general brain functions, which means Acai will help fight off depression and improve your memory
  • Acai is one of the highest known sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your cells from oxidation caused by free radicals. These free radicals damage and mutates our cells, which is the cause of signs of aging and cancer. The antioxidants found in Amazon Thunder Acai protect your cells from this damage which means they can help fight cancer and reduce many signs of aging
  • Acai is also a great source of amino acids which are essential for muscle regeneration. This helps to promote strength and endurance and is one of the reasons that taking Acai juice makes you feel so healthy

Amazon Thunder Acai is the only product that truly offers you exactly what these Brazilian locals have been taking for centuries. Most other products are just knock offs that make huge promises they cannot deliver. When you take Amazon Thunder you can be certain you are getting a 100% pure Acai product. Just click the image below to buy Amazon Thunder Acai today.