the ingredients

Acai Berry – African Mango – Sea Buckthorn

More than one weapon in your weight loss battle

  • Sea BuckthornBlock fat from being absorbed by the body
  • African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
  • Acai BerrySpeed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

SDF-3 and the SuperFruit Diet

Laboratory of Nutritional Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Yaounde

In 2010 Dr Oz proclaimed African Mango a daily “must” for weight loss. This study showed tremendous weight loss without diet or exercise, simply due to decreased hunger

In 2011 Dr Oz featured Sea Buckthorn for it’s health and weight loss benefits, and noted this study where mice given sea buckthorn were 1/2 the body weight of the control group, even though given the exact same food due to signals to stop storing excess fat

The chart at left is of a study showing weight loss of 28 lbs for those given the main ingredients of SDF3 twice daily for 10 weeks, as opposed to those given placebo, who lost 4.6 lbs. Pretty impressive!

Which is right for you?

Everyone’s metabolism and dietary needs are different. For example, if excessive hunger is your main problem, African Mango will probably be most effective for you.

If it’s low energy and slow metabolism, Acai Berry will probably be your best bet.

If you sometimes binge, the fat blocking abilities of Sea Buckthorn will be a great benefit.

But most people suffer from a combination of challenges in their weight loss battles and can benefit from all three weapons.

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There was a comparison conducted in between Acai Berry juices and various other juices to notice the significant portion of nutrients and antioxidants as compared to other juices. This comparison was conducted amongst red wine, tea, pomegranate juice, fresh fruit juice orange juice and the acai berry juice. The results proved that the average level of antioxidants in acai berry were lower as compared to all of the remaining juices.

It can be proved form this fact that acai berry is not as rich in antioxidants as it is promised by the dietary supplement manufacturers. A study was conducted in 12 persons that were on fasting. These people were given acai berries to consume and noticed a significant rise in their antioxidant levels in the bodies. However the physiological or physical effects of this rise were not seen upon these individuals.

There are various scams that exist for acai berry products promising lightning fast weight loss results. Many people appraise this fruit with high benefits while others do not. Before reading on you should have a clear though in y9ur mind that no single diet in the world is responsible for weight loss. If you continue eating salads, drinking juice or having lean protein enriched meat in your diet you are not helping yourself to reach any goal of your life. You need balances and thatís what most people fail to understand and release as well. Letís move on to the two most popular scams that are going to be reported in this article.

This is the first scam and perhaps the biggest rip off ever seen regarding acai berry on the internet. The manufacturers insist you to get engaged into the Acai Berry programs by paying huge upfront costs for enrollment and then referring others to this program to earn you money. The main purpose and reason of these programs is to allow you to recruit other people via social business networking and direct marketing.

There are people making real money on this type of scheme but the numbers are just a few and not an ideal number to get motivated enough to start this program and earn income. Not every multilevel marketing program is a scam; there are real, legal and legitimate MLM programs for acai berry that help you to earn a good amount of money.

What about those promised free acai berry tablets?

Many sites exist for acai berry pills if you just pay for their shipping and handling charges. What bad about these companies is that these charge you exorbitantly high on your credit cards.

Acai Berry product sales are hitting millions homes everyday and so is their scam. It is up to you to find a genuine product by whatever means you can. Reading an Acai supplement review and acting accordingly is not a good sign. Trust is a good thing, but Acai products effects in your body may differ from other persons. Weight loss will not work for all; some peopleís gene will work against weight loss where neither Acai nor other supplements will work. Neither Acai nor other products will work for them. So BEWARE while choosing Acai supplements, as you might choose a scam product.

The following are some Acai berry Scams in Disguise that can be easily avoided.

Free Trials:

Free Trials is a good strategy to woo prospects and hence these words are echoing everywhere today which is mostly a scam to be aware of. Some shady marketers offers Acai berry supplement free trial but really it is not. You got to pay the shipping and handling charge. Mostly its a 14 day trial which starts when the shipment starts.

Do you know that this amazing fruit, Acai Berry, isn’t just a weight loss aid? In fact, it’s so much more. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and contains amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants as well as dietary fiber. It has everything that your body needs to be the best that it can be and to maintain a healthy disposition.

With acai food supplement you’d actually notice you don’t suffer from insomnia anymore. That’s because this berry is a great source of Vitamin B that makes it easier for you to sleep as it soothes the brain. Not only that, it also contains amino acids that gives relief to muscle tension and stress. Once you feel more relaxed, the easier it is to go to sleep. You may actually notice that you can doze off quicker than you actually would at night though in the morning you’d be energized so you won’t feel sleepy.

HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin is the pregnancy hormone produced by women that tells the body that there’s a fetus that it needs to protect. What this hormone does is it collects the fatty tissue and burn it into energy therefore you get enough energy to keep the fetus alive even if you don’t consume enough calories a day.

HCG hormone is collected from the urine of pregnant women and it’s what’s used in the HCG diet. It usually comes as an injection so people who want to lose weight with the help of this diet needs to inject this hormone to their body daily. That way they trick their body into thinking that it’s pregnant so it burns body tissue quickly. People who go with the HCG diet should follow the 500 calorie a day diet so they would get the quickest weight loss of up to 2 pounds a day.