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Unless you live near the Amazon it’s unlikely you can buy Acai berries directly. They begin to spoil within 24 hours of harvest so it is most often sold as Acai pulp, Acai juice, or Acai berry supplements.

Online Stores:
The internet is infected with all kinds of Acai Scams and crappy products and it is VERY difficult to know who to trust. One solution is to check with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). They keep reports on companies, so if a site has been ripping people off, there will be a report with them (unless they are new). You can save yourself a lot of trouble by going to the BBB Certified Acai Berry Store.

Most Whole Foods stores carry Genesis brand Acai Juice, which is ok, but at $40 for a 32 oz bottle of the Juice is really expensive. They also sometimes have the Sambazon frozen Acai pulp, which is a good product. They sometime have Sambazon brand pills which are very good, but by far the most expensive at $15 for just 30 pills. Lastly they usually have the Sambazon “acai juice” but it is really just apple, grape and other juices with a little acai, and doesn’t even taste good.

Safeway and more mainstream supermarkets now carry the Bossa Nova brand juice which tastes very good, and is more than 60% acai (although reconstituted) , so is our favorite supermarket brand. But it is also a little expensive at $3.99 since it is only 6 ounces. They also sometimes have the Sambazon brand juice referenced above. All other juices found in supermarkets are overprocessed, watered down mixes of less expensive juices. As for pills, we have not yet found a mainstream supermarket that sells freeze-dried acai pills. They are all crappy, heat processed extracts, simply because that is the cheapest to produce/sell and customers always buy the cheapest product without doing any research.

Pills, Powders, Juice, or ???
Whether you are interested in acai berry for dieting, or just for overall health, my favorite way get all the benefits of Acai is through the Acai Puree , which has more of the Omega fats and fiber and I think tastes great. The Acai Scoops (powder) is the second best as far as benefits, and by far, the most acai for your money. But for those on the go like myself a pill (or capsule) is the quick and easy way to take acai.

Some things to consider:

  1. Is the product FREEZE-DRIED Acai? Acai has become so popular that many companies are pumping out products that are very low in quality. It is very important that the berries are freeze-dried. Other processes use heat to remove the water, which destroys the antioxidants and other nutritional benefits. For more info on processing the acai berries
  2. Is the main ingredient actually Acai? Many products only contain a small amount of Acai, but claim to be “Acai juice”. While most Acai drinks will contain other fruits in the mixture, you must make sure that the main ingredient is actually Acai. If you’re not careful you could end up buying an overpriced bottle of grape juice. For more info on finding a quality Acai Juice.

When a product gets as popular as Acai has, you need to be careful that you don’t get ripped off, like the Acai Berry Scams mentioned above. This is why you must stick to trusted vendors like abilityhub.com/acaiberry. The other suppliers of top quality Acai products are Acai Roots and Sambazon, although you will pay more and their product line is not as complete.

For Acai powders, pills, or capsules, it is very important to look for 100% freeze-dried Acai ONLY. For Acai Juice, it’s a little more tricky. You want as high a concentration of the acai berries in the finished product. But even some of the top suppliers of Acai products mix their Acai with other juices. For detailed info about how to find top quality Acai supplements and Acai Juice.

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