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Text To Speech

TextHelp Read & Write Standard v7
by textHELP!
Read and Write, version 7
Color highlights and reads the words, sentences or paragraphs in your document providing audio-visual reinforcement and helping to develop recognition of new words and vocabulary. The spellchecker provides audible definitions of alternative suggestions to help choose the correct one. Homophones Support will identify and provide audible definitions for like sounding words to improve the accuracy of work. On screen calculator provides all the main functions of a simple calculator with audible feedback

WordQ Writing Aid Software
by Bloorview MacMillan Children's Centre Distributed by Quillsoft Ltd.
WordQ software is a writing tool for people of all ages and levels of writing ability, including those who have learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, or who are learning English as a second language. It is used along with standard Windows word processors and other applications. State-of-the-art word prediction suggests words for you to use and text-to-speech feedback provides helpful cues. The design of WordQ software was driven by advice from educators to keep it simple and to focus on providing prompts or cues to help you choose words and self-detect writing errors.

by Don Johnston, Inc
An easy-to-use, talking word processor with a talking "Spell Check". Reads aloud as you type, highlighting word by word to provide a direct correlation between spoken and written words.

IntelliTalk II
by IntelliTools
Speech, and auditory "Spell Check reinforce letter and word recognition. Comes with pre-designed activities, writing templates, toolbars, and hundreds of pictures to use in activities. Has built-in feature for "switch" access.

Cepstral builds high-quality natural sounding synthetic voices. Their unit selection synthesis Cepstral provides text-to-speech technologies is ideal for assistive technology applications due to an extremely high level of naturalness, excellent intelligibility and the ability to speak with highly characteristic voices. Cepstral's products and services fit a wide variety of assistive applications, including the vocal and visual assistance, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and learning disabilities. Their voices can dramatically improve the quality of speech output on screen readers, scanning and reading devices (OCR), synthesizers, and literacy packages. Cepstral voices are available to be downloaded directly at http://store.cepstral.com

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Kurzweil 3000
A software application that reads aloud, visually indicates the text being read, and employs a number of advanced techniques for making the material accessible to people with reading related disabilities. It makes text available to users through multiple sensory channels - letting them simultaneously see, hear and track words.

WYNN v3.0
by Freedom Sceintific
WYNN is innovative software designed to aid individuals to read and write more effectively. WYNN was developed with the help of special educators and individuals with learning difficulties. They aided in defining the features that most support reading and studying.
WYNN is available in two versions:
     WYNN Wizard provides optical character recognition (OCR), the ability to scan a printed page and convert it into electronic text. Speech synthesis enables this scanned text to be read aloud. A special correction feature provides automatic correction of misrecognized word. WYNN Wizard permits two views of material: Exact View shows material exactly as scanned; Text View displays the text only to enable visual tailoring for individual use. The two views are linked and users may switch back and forth from one view to the other. WYNN Wizard can scan and read word processing, text files, and the Internet.
     WYNN Reader includes all of the features available in WYNN Wizard except the OCR capability. In addition to customized visual tailoring, individuals may enjoy clear, natural-sounding synthetic speech while reading standard word processing files, the Internet, ASCII text files, and scanned pages saved to disk.

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