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  Handheld Spell Checkers

Speaking Homework WizTM
by Franklin Electronic Publishers
This Speaking Homework Wiz, has Phonetic Spell Correction pronounces words and definitions. It allows users to type in a word the way it sounds and receive a correction list. For example, "nolij" will find "knowledge"; "kaufee" will find "coffee". It also shows how to write an assigned word, providing an instant penmanship lesson on any letter or word, in manuscript or cursive style.

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The Speaking Language MasterTM Special Edition
by Franklin Electronic Publishers
For Speaking Language Master, for blind and visual impairments, learning disabilities blind and visual impairments; individuals with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Headphones are included for private listening, along with an AC adapter, press on locator dots, a large print reference card, and instructions in print and cassette.

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