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  • An online travel resource that helps people with disabilities coordinate an accessible vacation to Hawaii.
  • Accessible Journeys
    Since 1985, our only job has been designing accessible holidays and escorting groups on accessible vacations nexclusively for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends. Our personally escorted tours reflect a particular fondness for continued learning, naturalism, and cultural intrigue. Our longtime experience and commitment to specialty travel allows us to design travel programs that harmonize unique needs and individual capabilities with recreational travel.
  • Access-Able Travel Source
    Providing Access Information for Mature and Disabled Travelers Online Since 1996.
  • B & W Handicap equipment Inc.
    Commited to solving all your mobility needs. They offer everything from pedal extenders to full A.D.A. van conversions! Also home products including stair glides and porch lifts!
  • LA
    Los Angeles Tourist Accessibility Guide and Information Website.
  • Liberty Motor Co
    Wheelchair Accessible Minivans starting under $20,000 including Mini Van and low floor, rear entry wheelchair access modification.
  • Luxury TowVan Corporation
    Introducing America's First Wheelchair Lift Equipped Tow Vehicles.
  • Medical Travel, Inc.
    The disability travel experts is a full service medical travel agency that caters to patients with medical needs, their families and friends. Our office arranges Cruises and Land Vacations for Dialysis Patients, Patients with Respiratory Problems, Ventilator Users and Wheelchair Bound Travelers. We are committed to make traveling with your medical needs simple and hassle free.
  • No Boundaries, Inc.
    Conversions for auto, full size and mini vans, adaptive driving controls, scooter and wheelchair lifts, ramps, elevators, stairway lifts for Home or Office. Specializing in MOBILE SERVICE!
  • Project ACTION Accessible Traveler's Database
    Information about accessible services among users, travel agents, tour coordinators and tour guides, KFH Group, Inc. has developed a comprehensive database of accessible transit services in the United States that is friendly both to the user and the travel industry, and accessible through the world wide web. The database of transit systems is supplemented with information on accessible tours and tour companies, accessible airport and other private shuttles, and accessible taxi services.
  • VISION Van
    by Viewpoint Mobility, manufacture rear entrance lowered floor minivans.
  • Wheelchair Getaways®
    Wheelchair and Scooter accessible Van rentals. A nationwide fleet is quite diverse including Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles with adaptive equipment by Braun, Ricon, IMS, and Vantage. Contact your desired rental location for availability in your area.

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