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  • Hot Rod Hand Control and learn adaptive driving with a hand control and have fun playing racing games.
  • NEAT Marketplace
    A demonstration and equipment restoration center in Hartford, CT.
  • 1stClassComputers
    An online source for computers, computer software and computer accessories!
  • Adaptive and Assistive Technology @
    Augmentative communication devices, speech software, computer access equipment, cognitive rehabilitation aids for the special needs of the disAbled.
  • Assitive Technology Solutions
    Providing Plans for Do-It-Yourself Devices to Assist Persons with Disabilities.
  • AZtech
    A full-service market research and technology transfer company offering a complete range of services, including: focus groups, interviews, surveys, literature searches, industry profiles and trends, technology transfer, invention commercialization and business consulting.
  • Compucare, Inc.
    Provides voice activated software, and assistive technology to a diverse group of clients. Provide onsite training, work site evaluations and Work Loss Prevention solutions for voice activated products. Sell and repair computers, provide technical support and service, install networks, e-mail systems, Internet solutions and PC-based small business phone systems.
  • The ConnSENSE Bulletin
    Resources for assistive technology with a free Email newsletter.
  • Jim Lubin
    Diagnosed with acute transverse myelitis; Read how Jim Lubin sips and puffs in Morse code to manage several Web sites for people with disabilities. A sip is a dot and a puff is a dash.
  • Disability Link Barn
    Features adaptive vehicle modification technology for people with disAbilities and products as well as an extensive list of disability links, arranged by subject and type of disability
  • En-Vision America
    Specializing in assistive technology products for Low Vision and Blindness. Specialize in technology for Low Vision & Blindness. Their products assist in the areas of Health Care, Independent Living, Employment, and Education.
  • Extensions For Independence
    Functional independence and life as seen by Arthur Heyer, who is a C-3, C-5 quadriplegic. Low-technology aids, tips of knowledge, and his philosophy of life.
  • K-mat
    The new style mouse pad for some serious mousing. It takes the pad off the desk and puts it onto the knee allowing for a more relaxing and productive day.
  • Lab Resources
    10 years have past since LAB Resources first began offering assistive technology solutions to schools and families.
  • Laptop Laidback
    The Portable Table for laptop computers! Fits all laptop computers. Eliminates overheating, perfect for bed, sofa & recliners. Highly adjustable.
  • Neural Signals
    Offers an innovative means of communication for people for people with moderate to severe disabilities. A standard software interface allows for easy transference between products if necessary.
  • Sound Feelings
    Simple secret reduces wrist pain in computer users.

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