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Adapters Used for Connecting to Ports

You have purchased a new computer. Your adaptive device cannot be connected to any port on the new computer. Or, you purchased a adaptive device, and find the connector of the device is not compatible with your computer port.

Personal computers might have several kinds of ports for connecting devices such as a trackball, expanded keyboard, flatbed scanner, touch screen, and other device peripherals.

An Adapter might solve your connection problems.

Y-mouse adapter, used for connecting PS/2 input devices to an USB computer port
by PI Engineering
An adapter, for connecting PS/2 input devices (keyboard and mouse) to an USB computer port.

iMate, allows users to connect ADB peripherals to USB port
by Griffin Technology
The iMate allows users to connect an ADB peripheral to iMacs, PowerBook G3s, G4s, iBooks, and PCs with USB ports.

Belkin, USB 4 port hub
USB 4-Port Hub
by Belkin
Expand your single USB port to 4 ports. Compatible with Windows® 95 rev. B, Windows® 98, Windows® 2000, Windows XP, and Mac® OS 8.1 or higher.

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