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  Mounting The Magic Arm System
by RJ Cooper & Associates
This arm has changed the way I work with The Magic Arm System for mounting switches and joysticks. It is pictured above positioning RJCooper SAM-Joystick for Macintosh. The base clamp attaches securely to just about anything: wheelchair tubing, tables, the CooperCar rollbar, you name it! The dial at the elbow tightens all three joints: the one at the base, the elbow, and the switch end. And when it's tight, it REALLY holds everything in perfect place. This arm is infinitely adjustable, and stays where you put it.

Mighty Mount
by Tash
If you're using a switch on a table, bed, or wheelchair take the toil out of mounting. Easy to position, with adjustable arm length, Might Mount- for positioning switch angle, with adjustable arm length, arm angle arm angle, and switch angle. Easy to attach to desired surface by tightening the Mighty Mount vice grip. Easy to attach your switch with Velcro or screws (screws for Tash Buddy Buttons only). Mighty Mount is best suited for these Tash switches: Buddy Buttons, Cap, Cup, Penta, Pillow, Plate, Platform, and Round Pad.

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