Weight Loss And Other Benefits of Yacon Diet Supplements

  Benefits of Yacon The medical arena has brought about a great deal of talk surrounding both Yacon and Garcinia Cambogia, as of late. Both elements have been tested and show great success with regard to the ability to assist in the quest for weight loss. Yacon has grown increasingly popular; and this vegetable, found […]

Seaweed Provokes Weight Loss

seaweed in the ocean

A team of scientists at the Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE) at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark has discovered evidence that seaweed fibers have a high corrective impact on obesity. Dietary fibers increase health status Previous studies have already established the benefits of natural fiber intake. Diets with a high fiber content have positive effects […]

Is Your BMI Lying to You?

Is BMI accurate?

Body mass index (BMI) is a formula for measuring optimal weight. It uses your height to adjust for your weight as it compares you to other individuals and populations. For instance, two men may weigh 200 pounds, but if one is 5-foot-5 and the other is 6-foot-2, then weight alone is obviously a very poor […]