Is Your BMI Lying to You?

Is BMI accurate?

Body mass index (BMI) is a formula for measuring optimal weight. It uses your height to adjust for your weight as it compares you to other individuals and populations. For instance, two men may weigh 200 pounds, but if one is 5-foot-5 and the other is 6-foot-2, then weight alone is obviously a very poor […]

Eating for More Energy

diet for more energy

Juggling the responsibilities of work, life, and family can cause too little sleep, too much stress, and too little time. Yet even when you’re at your busiest, you should never cut corners when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet. Your body needs food to function at its best and to fight the daily stress […]

Getting Rid of Dry, Scaly Legs

smooth legs - no dry skin here!

Arms, thighs, flanks and lower legs are the areas where dry skin problems are very common. Many people suffer from the problem of dry skin in leg areas alone. There is no need to avoid shorts out in public because of dry skin on legs anymore. There are effective ways to tackle dry skin problems […]

Jump Into Spring Exercising with These Tips

Spring Exercising

Spring can be the perfect time to start a new fitness routine. Whether you have been sedentary all winter, or just looking to change the routine of your workout, now’s the perfect time. Here are 5 ways to start or stay motivated this spring. 1. Set Realistic Goals: If you have been sitting around all […]