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Submission Guidelines for our Assistive Technology eColumn.

We are accepting ecolumns on general topics and issues relating to Assistive Technology. You retain all copyrights.

We recommend a minimum of three paragraphs. Generally, ecolumns average 5 to 6 paragraphs.

Who is eligible to send ecolumns?

We welcome contributions with original content from individuals or organization involved in any aspect of Assistive Technology. You can submit once, or become a regular contributor, or just submit ecolumns whenever you have material ready.

What we are looking for:

  • Informative ecolumns on subjects and issues relating to Assistive Technology.
  • Informative ecolumns beneficial to disabled individuals, their families, or other individuals in the field of Assistive Technology.
  • Advice and recommendations for disabled individuals, their families, or other individuals in the field of Assistive Technology.
  • Book reviews.

Ecolumns containing offensive material, encourage or contain bigotry, prejuidice, or hatred towards any entity or entities will be outright rejected.

What authors get in return:

  • Exposure for you and/or your organization. At the bottom of each ecolumn there will be a link to your site (if you have one) with a brief description about yourself, your organization or your site. This is a great way to increase your online presence and receive extra exposure.
  • Giving others a helping hand.
  • Keep Your Copyright. We just want your permission to use your content on . By submitting your content, you give us permission. All posted articles will contain a copyright notice.

What AbilityHub gets:

  • Fresh content for our visitors.
  • Your permission to publish your ecolumn on . (you retain all copyrights).

Submissions are reviewed within four weeks. If accepted they will appear in the eColumn section on the main page and will also be indexed in the eColumn subsection. reserves the right to reject ecolumn submissions that are deemed inappropriate or irrelevant. All ecolumns may be edited for length, content, and/or other appropriate reasons.

Send questions concerning eColumns to Dan Gilman at

If you have read and understand the above eColumn submission guidelines and are ready to submit your eColumn for review, please follow the instructions below.

Please use the FORM below to submit your eColumn. If your browser does not support Forms, please send your eColumn with your permission to use the content by email to

eColumn Submission Form

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  About the Author:
(brief description about the author, background and web site, if they have one)

  eColumn Title:

  Your eColumn:

  Is this eColumn in the Public Domain?    YES         NO   

Public domain refers to articles and materials that are freely available and not subject to any copyright restrictions. All articles submitted are considered copyrighted unless you specify otherwise.

  Do you grant us permission to reprint your eColumn?    YES         NO respects the copyrights of contributing authors and writers. Permission is granted for the sole purpose of reprinting material on the web site only.

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