Welltrim brand receives patent and praise from Dr Oz

African Mango looks to be the hot new diet trend for 2012, with everybody jumping on the bandwagon. Its about time. Dr Oz first shone the spotlight on it way back in October 2010 when he featured it on his tv show, and later listed it as a top 10 daily musts for weight loss.

The article below is from Icon Media and Nutragenesis, a big player in the market that has the money to fund their own studies and get patents for their products. They now have their proprietary mix of african mango extract patented, which allows them to jack up the prices with their claims. Is it truly better and more effective than other African Mango products? There is absolutely NO proof of that.

They do have a patent on their own version though, and studies they funded that show it works. So you do know what you’re getting with their brand, which is certainly a good thing. Whether it is worth all the extra price to pay for a “patented” product that is really nothing more than African Mango extract you can find elsewhere is up to you.

This time around of the year among the top New Year’s resolutions produced by countless People in america would be to slim down. With weight reduction the main attraction, the coverage story from the The month of january 2012 problem of First For Ladies magazine is featuring Dr. Mehmet Oz talking about African Mango extract that they describes among his “breakthrough fixes for ladies over 40.” Most significantly he stresses that customers have to particularly search for the IGOB131® African Mango extract because that’s the only person that’s patented and scientifically shown to promote weight reduction. WellTrim® iG is IGOB131®, the scientific reputation for the authentic, patented, scientifically-proven extract of African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis).

In reaction for this recent endorsement from Dr. Oz, Icon Group is very happy to announce that people are integrating the IGOB131® title into our marketing for WellTrim® iG. Including while using IGOB131® scientific title with the WellTrim® iG trademark. We feel this enhanced marketing description is a significant advantage to the marketing partners within the promotion and purchase of the WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®) supplements because it will make sure that customers know that they’re getting the best scientifically proven African Mango extract to lose weight.NumberNumberkey inNumberNumberNumberNumberkey inNumberNumberWe encourage our marketing partners to include using the IGOB131® scientific title to their ads by explaining the extract as WellTrim® iG (IGOB131®).

Weight should never be a problem you need to enjoy and feel good about yourself at whatever age. Start making some adjustments. Popping pills is one great way of dealing with weight loss at any time. While searching for the best weight loss formula, safety should be high in your mind. Donít forget that healthy foods mostly those made up of fruits and vegetables are very crucial more so in weight loss. For the body to stay hydrated you are required to take lots of water. The digestive system and the skin need water. As you lose weight the body will require nutrients that can be derived from soups and fresh juices. Great things can be done with confidence, achievements come by through confidence, courage and ability to do certain things comes by confidence, thatís what you need to get by every day. In case weight is affecting your looks and the way you feel, transform the situation by looking for the best weight loss plan and end the rein of unwanted weight in your life. Feel good by changing how you look.

Understanding Weight Reduction and Diet Aspects

Discussions on diet and weight loss have been going on for a long time now. Shedding unwanted weight for a healthy lifestyle is a very hard thing for most people. Despite the many diet gimmicks that exist in the internet, getting one that works is very difficult. There are many diet gimmicks in the internet but getting one that works is very difficult. However, you will notice there are diets dully made to aid anyone who wants to lose unwanted weight fast, but if they make claims of helping to shed off more than five pounds in five days, alarm bells should be activated. A diet needs to aid you in losing weight in a healthy manner and not just to help you lose weight in a short time. As you search for the best weight reduction diet online, use phrase tags that will help you get the diet that really works fast. Judge a great diet by the healthy types of foods it has and discard it if it involves skipping any of the meals. A diet is only good if it is credible and does work and you really donít want to get scammed by any. People who are overweight should stick to their diets if they want a longer and healthier life.

Discussions on diet and weight lоsѕ have been gоіng on for a long time now. Ѕhedding unwаnted wеight for a healthу lіfеstуle is а very haгԁ thing for mоѕt people. Deѕpite the many diet gіmmіckѕ that ехist in the internet, gеtting оne thаt works is ѵегу difficult. Τhеге are mаnу ԁiet gіmmіckѕ in the internet but getting one that works is very dіffісult. However, уоu will notice there аre ԁiets dully made to aid anyone who wants to lose unwanted weight fаѕt, but if they make сlаimѕ of helping to shеԁ off more than five pounds in fiѵе days, alaгm bells should be activatеԁ. Α diet needs to aiԁ you in losing weіght in а healthy manner anԁ not just tо help you loѕе weight in a shоrt time. As уоu search foг the best wеіght reduction diet online, use phrase tags that will help уоu get the ԁiet that reallу works fast. Јudgе a great diet by the hеalthy types of foods іt has and discard it if it іnѵоlѵes skipping anу of the meals. А ԁiet is only good if it is credible and does work and уоu геally donít want tо get scammed by any. Ρeорle whо are overweight should stіck to thеiг diets іf they want a lоngег and healthier lіfe.

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