Weight Loss And Other Benefits of Yacon Diet Supplements


Benefits of Yacon

The medical arena has brought about a great deal of talk surrounding both Yacon and Garcinia Cambogia, as of late. Both elements have been tested and show great success with regard to the ability to assist in the quest for weight loss. Yacon has grown increasingly popular; and this vegetable, found naturally in South America has been used for generations by the natives. One of the benefits the natives used this vegetable for, was its benefits of helping one to feel fuller for longer periods of time. Although the people of ancient times used this to endure certain hardships they encountered during the changing seasons; the scientist of today have found a way to marginalize its myriad of benefits for the people of today in the weight loss department.

The vegetable provides a greater variety of benefits essential to the process of weight loss. For example, it has an extremely low glycemic index rating, most find the taste pleasant so consumption is easy, is very low in calories, and provides a considerable amount of fiber. The key ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is HCA which is unquestionably a benefit to the ever increasing weight loss epidemic of today.

Meanwhile, the key ingredient in the vegetable or syrup form is Fructooligosaccharide (FOS). FOS provides a great deal of its sweet flavor, roughly 30-50%. Due to the vegetable having a high level of the prebiotics FOS, which is the sugar naturally found in a number of plants, is passed through the digestive system metabolized. 

Although a number of studies have been conducted, there are a few that are notable. Dr. Oz, in 2013, provided his test results on an experiment of women who, without changes their daily regime, lost weight by simply adding the yacon syrup, derived from the root of the vegetable, to their normal diet. In 2009 another study found in a group of pre-menopausal and obese women, who after 4 months in ingesting the syrup, showed significant body weight, body mass index, and waist circumference reduction.

Dating from prehistoric times, Yacon supplements have been used to benefit the needs of the body. Today, more sophisticated test studies prove it to be a beneficial element in weight loss. It has been clinically proven to increase overall metabolism, lowers the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’, and controls insulin to provide the feeling of fullness. It is no wonder why this vegetable has grown increasingly popular.

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