Snooki loses it with the hcg diet

Snooki before hcg diet

Female celebrities command a lot of respect when they start crusading against or for a certain issue. Advertiser now the power that is carried by women celebrities. A good example is during the Vietnam war when Jane Fonda was used extensively to campaign against the war. The in thing presently is image ands weight loss. All and sundry are doing everything in their power to ensure that they adhere to the new rules of the image and fitness religion. I am not trying to downplay the importance of weight loss, let no one misunderstand me. Women celebrities have been at the forefront in advancing diet programs that promise to change the live of many people especially women. They all come with the story of how the diet has helped them in the past. Those who are familiar with Oprar in her show will testify to the fact that she has been promoting Acai berries as a diet supplement fit for weight loss.

One of the most celebrated personalities on TV to make dramatic pronouncements in weight reduction is Nicole Snookie.

You will concur with me that Nicole is a hot personality to campaign for nay product. Her trim figure has been on tweeter and is frequently on the media because only last season she was obese for her show. Now she is has the prefect weight and figure. She has lost over 17 pounds in a period of lea than two months. This has caught the eyes of all and sundry. Some sections of the media have been attributing her weight loss to some prohibited drugs.
The Truth is that Snookie has been using HCG in her diet program. The HCG program has been around for more than fifty years. One can lose much as five pounds in a day.HCG can be injected to the body by both men and women. The intake of water and more vegetables contributes to rapid weight loss in HCG diet program. HCG diets have few side effects. It is also important to note that in bringing her weight down, Snookie has had to reduce her alcohol consumption. Nicole has made dramatic weight losses in the last season. HCG has helped a lot in the weight loss of Nicole Snookie. Even before HCG programs were given a lot of publicity by Snookie, they have been effective. The weight loss is dramatic and one can always regain their weight after HCG diet loss program.

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