SDF-3 Superfruit Diet now includes Raspberry Ketone

New Life Botanicals, the makers of the popular Superfruit Diet Formula SDF-3, have recently revised their formula to include Raspberry Ketone as one of the main ingredients. For those that are not already familiar with this product, SDF3 is a healthy, natural weight loss formula based on those products Dr Oz has called “Superfruits”, hence the name Superfruit Diet. Those are African Mango, for hunger suppression. Sea Buckthorn, which keeps the body from absorbing fats. And the origional Superfruit, Acai Berry, which increases metabolism, fat burning, and also aids hunger suppression.

According to their CEO, Bryan Nettles:

“We have been testing Raspberry Ketone by itself for some time now and were impressed with it’s unique fat burning capabilities and decided to add it to our formula last year. This new formula has done very well in testing and we are very excited to get it on the market. Now, with the incredible publicity it has been getting since being featured on the Dr Oz show, we have pushed up the launch date of this new formula to a March 15 target.”

We have not yet gotten our hands on this new formula, so can’t speak to the results. But it seems like a no brainer that the powerful fat burning abilities of Raspberry Ketone will improve the already impressive weight loss attained with the prior formula of SDF-3. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we get a chance to let you know how our volunteer testers find it.

In case you didn’t know, Doctor Oz reviewed Raspberry Ketone on his Feb 6 show, where he had more praise for it’s diet and weight loss benefits than anything we’ve ever seen. He called it a “miracle in a bottle”, and said it works for all body types, and he didn’t realize how powerful it was until he did his own research in preparation for the episode.

My head is spinning from watching Dr Oz! Can Raspberry Ketone supplements really help me lose those extra pounds that I can’t seem to leave behind?

Oh, they are on my backside!

Are you confused about what to eat, which supplements to take or do you really need to be taking supplements and is coconut oil really good for you? Well I am confused, and after watching the Dr. Oz show I have decided to try out some of Dr Oz’s recommendations and figure out what works for me.

I have been working on this post for a couple of days and after reading Virgina’s post

“Raw Menopausal Truths and the Indignities of Getting Old!” on her blog HomeRearedChef it sounds like many of us are facing the same challenges.

Here is the first in my series on “Dr Oz and what works for me”. Not a very clever title but I am still working on it. Any suggestions Sunbonnet?

To begin:

I prefer to jog, ok more like a fast walk, outside and enjoy Mother Nature, however when the temperature drops I head down to the Gym for my daily exercise. The facility in which the gym is located has television screens throughout for our viewing pleasure and to distract us from boredom.

Depending on the location of the exercise equipment that you are utilizing you can catch-up via CNN, Fox news, ESPN, ABC and other assorted channels.

When I want to use the treadmill and rowing machine I head upstairs where ABC is tuned in on the television near the equipment. During my morning workouts I watch Live with Kelly; fun lighthearted entertainment that gets me through the workout. A couple of weeks ago I found myself on the treadmill, walking to nowhere, in the late afternoon just in time for the Dr Oz Show.

I was familiar with Dr Oz from his days on Oprah, however I had not watched his show yet. On February 6, 2012 the topic of discussion was “5 Fat Busters for 5 Body Types”, I thought; this should be interesting. As Dr Oz presented the “Fat Busters” I found myself getting hungry as I watched the presentation of each meal that would target “problem areas”, never a good thing to watch a food segment when exercising. Oh well I did find the information interesting, however what really caught my attention was the segment on Raspberry Ketone presented by Lisa Lynn and Dr Oz.

This is the first time Dr Oz has spoken about Raspberry Ketone and the benefits of the supplement. Here’s what I learned:

First and most importantly this is a supplement to help your body get a jump start on reducing the fat cells in your body. Dr Oz and Lisa Lynn do not recommend this as a long term solution to lose weight but just to kick -start the process.

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