Raspberry Ketone Product Raspberry Ultra Drops is a Scam

Recently, Metabolic-Boosting Raspberry Ketones have become popular and have been featured by television personality Doctor Oz. Raspberry ketones are a compound found in red raspberries that can also be synthetically produced in a laboratory. The benefit of raspberry ketones is that they allow fat cells to be burned more easily, resulting in faster and easier weight loss. These ketones will also keep cravings away and and keep the stomach feeling full. Raspberry ketones are much easier to take as a supplement, rather than from consuming whole raspberry fruit, as you would have to consume 90 pounds of raspberries in order to reap the same benefits. The recommended dose of raspberry ketones through supplements is 100mg daily. Many companies are now popping up that offer raspberry ketone products as a supplement to aid diet and weight loss.

However, one raspberry ketone product that is on the market today, called Raspberry Ultra Drops, has been called a scam by many, due to the companys lack of reputable methods of business. On their website, Ultra Drops claims that a weight loss of 1-2 pounds each day can be achieved with the purchase of their product. There are no warranties or guarantees listed on their website, aside from a disclaimer that states they are not responsible if anything happens to the computer that you are using when you download data from their website. The website is also written with many grammatical errors, which is a red flag that the seller of this product is not reputable.

Thousands of reports of fraud have been written about Raspberry Ultra Drops on websites like ScamBook, Complainsboard, and Facecrooks. Many are accusing the company of fraud, false advertising, hacking, and plainly not following through with orders. The total cost of unresolved reported damages for the this company is $2,175,313.50, with some claim damages as high as $9,000.

Its important to choose a reputable supplier when looking to purchase raspberry ketone products to supplement your diet. Some companies like Raspberry Ultra drops are frauds, so it is always best to do your research before choosing a supplier. You should avoid purchasing products that you receive emails for, or from paid advertisements through websites. Always do your research before purchasing products online in order to avoid encountering a scam like this one.

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