Raspberry Ketone, Targeted Fat Burning and Dr. Oz

Weight loss is such a controversial subject. Well, other than the fact more people need to lose weight than ever before right now. The controversies come from new diet pills, fad diets and the fact that “what’s good for you to eat” is always changing according to the news. One thing is for sure… there’s never been a one-size fits all solution to losing weight. However, that hard fast rule of thumb may have just changed according to Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz recently spent quite a bit of time on his show talking about raspberry ketone. According to him, just about anyone who wants to lose weight can do so in an amazingly-quick five days. This may sound absurd if you know anything about how your body works and I’ll be the first to admit I was even skeptical – even if it was Dr. Oz himself saying so (I love Dr. Oz).

He said that it’s been proven time and time again that even if you just replace one mean each day, you can start commanding your body to melt away those stubborn pounds. Here are just a few examples that were given:

  • Got a larger bottom than you’d like? Replace one meal per day with a red clover meal. Edimame and a pasta primavera meal (be sure that it’s created with whole grain pasta, plus two cups of red clover tea.
  • Need some thigh-busting help? Don’t worry, lots of people do (especially women). The answer here is a liquid lunch. You can buy whey protein drinks or make it yourself. If you want to make it yourself, be sure to include blueberries, banana, flaxseed and of course whey protein.

The two situations above are very common. Some studies say that almost two-thirds of women are shaped like this. That’s unfortunate, because getting rid of fat in the bottom areas can be a very big challenge. However, it isn’t as threatening to be big-bottomed as it is to battle fat in your mid-section, which leads us to the next one…

  • Need to lose a few inches around your mid-section? The tummy meal is the CLA breakfast. This meal consists of cheese, tomato, avocado, eggs and taking CLA capsules (1000mg per day). If your tummy is in need of losing pounds then it’s very important to do so… not just for looks either. You can decrease your chances of developing dangerous diseases by half if you get your belly into proportional size.

Whichever situation above fits you, stick to the applicable meal replacement and follow a healthy diet overall as much as you can. Within five days, you will definitely start to see improvements in your trouble area.

But what if you need to lose weight and burn fat in general? Dr. Oz then recommends to use raspberry ketones. You can simply take it 30 minutes before you eat a meal to see results.


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