Losing Weight Easier with Svetol Green Coffee Extract

green coffee beans extract made fromThere’s a magical little diet pill that’s been hogging up most of the attention in weight loss world lately. Being among Dr. Oz’s most highly recommended supplements, green coffee extract seems to be the answer for anyone who continues to struggle with losing weight. Even though there are studies that show how well it works and Oz even did his own study, there are still some people who just can’t believe the claims. Sure, it can be difficult to believe in new weight loss supplements since there are so many out there that never give the results theyh promise. But this time it’s different. Why? Let’s look.

How Can Green Coffee Make You Lose So Much Weight?

This extract has one ingredient that other supplements don’t and that’s chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid is only found in natural coffee beans (before they ever get roasted). If these green coffee beans are roasted, the chlorogenic acid is systematically detstroyed. Therefore, drinking your favorite cup of coffee each day isn’t going to give you the benefits of green coffee bean extract.

What Studies Have Been Done?

There are actually several studies that have been done to show how green coffee extract helps you lose weight. In the first study, published in The Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, the participants took the extract for twelve weeks. They made no changes in their diet. In fact, they were eating an astounding number of calories for people who are trying to lose weight – on average eating nearly 2,500 calories per day.

They were also instructed to not exercise anymore than usual. This would normally almost always lead to gaining weight. But somehow they didn’t gain any weight. They lost weight. Not only did they drop about 17lbs, but it was in a good way since about 15 percent of that was purely body fat loss.

The New Study Featured on Dr. Oz

Lady who lost weight holding up a scaleJust this past September (2012), Dr. Oz revealed a surprise: he had conducted his own study and revealed the results live on the show with the participants in the live audience. Dr. Oz never jumps on a bandwagon just because everyone else does. He always does his own research into somethign before recommending it on his show. But he was so optimistic about green coffee extract that he decided to do an actual study to see for himself what kind of results they would get.

He brought in his medial team of experts to oversee the study. They followed nearly 100 women: half of them were given the extract to take each day and half of them received a placebo. They only did this for two weeks, then brought these ladies back in to be on the show as the results were revealed live. And guess what?

Not only did the ladies who were taking the extract lose twice as many pounds, but one even said that she dropped two whole dress sized in merely two weeks.

Why We Love Green Coffee Extract

First of all, it obviously works. It’s been proven repeatedly and the testimonials from actual users are amazing. By slowing down fat absorption and boosting metabolism, it helps you lose weight whether or not you’re ‘dieting’ or working out or not. So if you’re tired of trying diet after diet only to realize you don’t have the self-control to stick to it, then lift your head up high knowing that there’s finally something that can work for you.

 The Importance of Svetol

While green coffee bean extract certainly works, that doesn’t mean that every green coffee supplement for sale (online or at the store) are as good as the next. Some extracts are created with filler ingredients that don’t do anything for you. Plus, if they don’t have a bare minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid then it may not work.

As Dr. Oz says, be sure that any extract you choose to buy has at least 45% chlorogenic acid. Make sure the label specifically says it contains Svetol or, It may also be called GCA (green coffee antioxidant). Svetol comes from Robusta coffee beans and always has 45% to 50% chlorogenic acid, which is why we recommend getting Svetol green coffee bean extract.

A Word to the Wise About Green Coffee Extract

While it’s been tested time and time again in adults, there hasn’t been any research on how it affects children or an unborn child. Therefore, it’s not recommended to use it if you are or may be pregnant. It also shouldn’t be given to chidren.

There have been zero side effects found to be associated with green coffee extract. However, it does contain a very small amount of caffeine. It has less than a normal cup of coffee. But if you’re extremely senstive to caffeeine then you may want to talk to your doctor before you start taking any green coffee bean extract.

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