How to choose which product to try

It’s the SEED, not the FRUIT

One major difference between the African Mango and other superfruits is, its not actually the fruit itself that has the benefits for weight loss. It’s the SEED that suppresses hunger. But as you can see from the pics here, the seeds really aren’t that attractive! So, it is common to use pictures of the african mango FRUIT as readers find it more appealing.

Not a great deal of difference in quality between brands

So, do you really care, and does it really matter if it is the fruit, or the seed that is used for weight loss? Yes, it does. Here’s why:

  • African Mango grows on a bush that is easily accessible so is easy to harvest
  • It is not necessary to wait for the fruit to reach a specific state of ripeness before harvesting
  • Processing of the seeds of African Mango is a fairly simple, and inexpensive procedure
  • There is very little difference in “quality” in seeds from different regions

Don’t pay too much

As a result, their is very little difference in quality between different brands of African Mango extracts currently on the market. As long as the manufacturer uses real Irvingia Gabonensis, and doesn’t dilute the extract with fillers, the different brands are very similar in effectiveness. Yes, there are a couple of cheap, ripoff brands. But the super expensive brands are definately not worth the price.

There are a couple of brands that charge $39 a bottle, for the same quantity of African Mango capsules that you can find in other brands between $12-15 a bottle. And there is No Difference in Quality!

Of course, we don’t recommend those ridiculously expensive brands. We do offer a selection of the most popular, well priced brands in our store.

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