Can I use Sweeteners on the HCG Diet?

All sugars are forbidden on the HCG diet, for obvious reasons. However, not everyone can live without a bit of sweetness in their daily diet, so you will probably be delighted to know that there are some artificial sweeteners recommended for dieters on the HCG diet.

What artificial sweeteners can I use while on the HCG diet?

Any trip to the local supermarket will soon tell you that there are lots of different artificial sweetener brands on the shelves, but many of them should not be taken as they can slow down the diet results and even stop weight loss completely.

Liquid Stevia can be used while on the HCG diet and has been shown to have no adverse effects. However, it is a very powerful sweetener and you will only need a few drops to sweeten a drink of food dish. There are also other natural sweeteners you can take at different phases of the HCG diet. For example, Truvia, a sweetener derived from pears and grapes is perfectly acceptable for Phase 3 of the HCG diet, but it should not be used during Phase 2 as pears and grapes are not allowed during this phase.

Irrespective of whether you choose to use an artificial sweetener during the HCG diet, you must take care to read the ingredients on everything you consume during the HCG diet. Many products contain hidden sugars. These are normally disguised as strange sounding ingredients such as fructose, dextrose or glucose. If in doubt, anything with –OSE on the end of its name is a sugar, so beware!

Where possible try and restrict your sweet foods and accustom yourself to savory flavors. At first, this will probably be difficult as most western diets are packed full of sugary food, but as time passes, you will soon grow to love the natural sweetness of fresh fruits.


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