How Raspberry ketone works for weight loss

Ever Thought About Weight Loss Massage?

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, here’s something that you may have never heard of… weight loss massage. It may sound odd, as you don’t normally think of massage and weight loss in the same thought right? However, according to research, if you make it a habit to get a nice massage after you work out then you can actually increase the amount of weight that you lose. Want to know more?

Development and Recovery of Muscles

If you want to be successful with losing weight and you want to get the most out of your workouts then you need to understand muscle recovery and development. After working out, your muscles are fatigued and starving for the nutrients that they need. Massage can help because when you get a massage, you’re increasing the blood circulation in your body. This means that oxygen and nutrients travel to your strained muscles quicker and more efficiently. You probably know that more muscle and well-developed muscles help your body increase metabolism and getting a massage after you work out helps to ensure that you develop those all-important weight-busting muscles that are well-developed.

Muscle Movement Range and Flexibility

That’s not all that a good after-work out massage can do you for you though. It will also help your muscles to allow a wider range of movement and give you more flexibility. In turn, this will help you get more out of each work out… which leads to burning much more calories than before and losing more weight. Being more flexible and having a wider range of motion will also help prevent you from incurring injuries during your workouts.

Getting Rid of Toxic Substances

Some people don’t realize this, but exercising causes your body to start dumping waste products into your blood stream. Some of the waste products we’re talking about here are carbonic acid and lactic acid, both which can dramatically slow down the recovery process for your muscles. The improved circulation you get from a good after work out massage will also help you get rid of these toxic substances. That means recover time is less and you are able to get in more exercise in the long run.


Hey, you make sure that you get to the gym (or the running path, swimming pool or whatever it is that you like to do for your workouts), so why not reward yourself? You’re doing more than a lot of people would do to ensure that you’re healthy. Getting a relaxing massage after your workout isn’t just to feel good though. It helps you physically and mentally at the same time. The level of cortisol in your body is lowered, which is what is often called the stress hormone.  Having a high level of cortisol makes it difficult for your body to digest foods properly and can even impact your metabolism (and not in a good way). Getting rid of as much stress as possible and lowering the levels of cortisol can dramatically help prevent emotional eating, too.



Raspberry Ketone Not JUST a Fat Burner Anymore

Raspberry ketone has been all over the TV shows recently, being aired on many different day time talk shows as well as news broadcasts. By now pretty much anyone has been trying to lose weight for any decent amount of time has heard of it and everyone knows its reputation for being a belly-fat buster. However, what many people don’t realize is that helping you lose weight is not all that this wonderful supplement can do for you. Raspberry ketone supplements can also even help you with baldness and keep your skin elasticity intact.

Being aromatic compounds naturally found within the raspberry fruit, ketones are often used for scentual reasons. People and companies use it to make their products smell better because, hey, it smells good! It’s also used to add flavor to some products. Oddly enough, the chemical make up of raspberry ketones are close to that of the chili pepper plant.

Raspberry ketone’s fat-burning, belly-trimming reputation stems from a Japanese study. Researchers in Japan found that when they fed their lab test animals a diet high in raspberry ketones, they found that they didn’t gain weight and actually lost weight. This is because it makes the body burn off stored fat, which is the culprit of being overweight in the first place.

More recently, it’s been found that raspberry ketone can also likely help increase your skin’s elasticity and even help people battle baldness that stems from alopecia. Again, this is from Japanese researchers (man, what would we do with them?). According to research from the past, capsaicins (like the chili pepper plant) increases hair growth and skin elasticity. So they wanted to test to see if raspberry ketone’s could do the same since they’re so chemically alike.

They used a topical cream in their study, which was controlled. This cream had raspberry ketone extracts in it. They used both humans and mice for the study. The mice saw results for hair grown within merely four weeks. Human participants saw results, too. Half of them saw hair regrowth within five months. But it also increased the elasticity of skin on their cheeks.

So obviously, there’s a strong connection here that researchers are studying even further. Raspberry ketone may not just be the weight loss wonder supplement anymore… it may also soon be the answer for baldness and keeping skin youthful by promoting healthy, natural elasticity.


Dr. Oz Demonstrates How Raspberry Ketone Helps You Lose Weight

While Dr. Oz says he doesn’t normally like to recommend diet “supplements”, that’s just what he did on his show not too long ago. His rave about how raspberry ketone might just be the answer for a lot of people who are trying to lose weight ended up sparking quite a bit of controversy. On the show, Lisa Lynn shared with audience success stories that she has seen with her clients and being the weight loss expert she is, that gave a lot of solid support to what Dr. Oz had to say.

Dr. Oz portrayed taking raspberry ketone in a very interesting way: he used air balloons (which were meant to symbolize the fat cells in your body) and liquid nitrogen to make them shrivel up into nothing. This is the way to think of what happens to fat cells in your body when you take raspberry ketone. No wonder people all over are losing so much weight with it.

Raspberry ketone’s main ingredient actually does come from raspberries, so it’s natural. One of the biggest factors to consider is that it’s one of the few ingredients that even the USDA recognizes as being generally safe for consumption. Not many diet supplements can say that that USDA supports their ingredients.

Just eating raspberries isn’t going to give you the weight loss results that you want, though. The compound, which is also responsible for the delicious aroma that raspberries give off, is very minimal in the actual raspberry. In fact, Dr. Oz said you’d have to eat almost 100 pounds of berries to get the same amount of the ketones as you get in the supplement. Yes, they’re yummy… but no one wants eat that many raspberries!

Raspberry ketones increase the amount of norepinerphrine and adiponectin in your body, which are hormones. Higher norepinephrine levels equal an increase in your body temperature, which means that your body is going to be burning more fat. Higher adiponectin in your body means that your glucose levels will decrease, which means less glucose being stored energy… combined, you can get some amazing weight loss results.

Of course, Dr. Oz also says that to get the best results with raspberry ketone supplements you should try to exercise and eat a sensible diet… but that’s with anything if you want to truly become healthier. Using diet supplements that come from nature itself is always better than using those that are strictly created in a lab. However, be careful about who you buy your raspberry ketone from. Some companies and retailers surfaced once it started becoming popular that don’t sell the true, original formula. Many are loaded with extra ingredients and don’t have nearly as much of the true ketones as the original.

According to Lisa Lynn, you should start out taking 100mg of raspberry ketone at breakfast time. If you aren’t seeing results pretty soon then start adding another dose at lunchtime and you could start seeing your weight drop in less than a full week.



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