Life Extensions- Integra Lean – African Mango extract

African Mango is a proven ingredient for promoting weight loss, but what makes Integra Lean African Mango extract such a powerful weight loss aid is the fact it combines Irvingia Gabonensis with several other fantastic weight loss supplements in order to boost its overall effect.

What other ingredients does Integra Lean African Mango extract contain?

The Life Extension’s Integra Lean optimized African Mango extract contains decaffeinated green tea extract and the powerful “phase 3” carbohydrate control, that when taken in combination offer customers a very effective weight loss supplement.

What is Phase 3?

Phase 3 is a patented enzyme formula developed by the boffins at Life Extension. The main ingredient is an enzyme called Sucrase, which exists to break down sugar during digestion. Phase 3™ helps to regulate insulin metabolism and sugar levels in the blood stream and with the help of L-Arabinose, a plant extract, Phase 3™ reduces the calories the body absorbs from carbohydrates and starch intake.

How does the addition of decaffeinated Green Tea help weight loss?

There is plenty of scientific evidence to illustrate the weight loss benefits of green tea. When added to dietary supplements, extracts of green tea can inhibit the absorption and breakdown of fat from the diet, plus they can help speed up the metabolism to improve weight loss. And because the green tea extract in the Integra Lean African Mango formula is decaffeinated, this product is also suitable for those with sensitivity to stimulants such as caffeine.

In the Life Extension’s Integra Lean African Mango extract formula, a special type of green tea proprietary phytosome complex is used. During clinical trials, subjects using the special green tea polyphenols achieved a much better weight loss result when compared with those in a placebo group.

Is Life Extension’s Integra Lean African Mango extract good value?

The Integra African Mango extract weight loss formula is more expensive than many comparable products, but the powerful combination of ingredients ensures customers will achieve their weight loss goals with very little difficulty. The product is also able to offer speedy results, which is a bonus for those seeking a fast solution to their weight problems.