Genceutic African Mango plus green tea

Genceutic Naturals African Mango plus Green Tea

Genceutic make some pretty wild claims in their advertisements for the African Mango plus Green Tea weight loss supplement: for example, they say you can expect to lose as much as six inches off your waist and drop at least twenty-eight pounds, all through taking the supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Can Genceutic Naturals African Mango plus Green Tea really help you achieve your optimal weight loss goal?

 A research study carried out by the Institute of Medicinal Plants Studies to monitor the effects of African Mango (or Irvingia gabonensis as it is more correctly known) seems to indicate that the claims made by Genceutic in relation to their African Mango plus Green Tea weight loss supplement are actually true. The results of the double blind and placebo controlled research study produced some very impressive and statistically relevant results based on the key weight loss variables of body fat, body weight, and waist size.

Based on the results of the study, African Mango is definitely a top ingredient in weight loss formulas, and more interestingly, the study indicated an extremely positive relationship between African Mango and Green Tea: when taken together, both ingredients enhanced each other and caused the subjects to lose even more body fat and body weight. Because of this exciting discovery, the Genceutic African Mango plus Green Tea weight loss supplement has all the ingredients you need to lose weight quickly and safely.

How do the key ingredients in the African Mango plus Green Tea supplement work?

Both Irvingia gabonensis and green tea are well known weight loss ingredients and each has very important appetite suppressant and metabolism boosting properties. On its own, African Mango does a great job of encouraging weight loss, but combined with Green Tea, you get twice as much product for your money.

What dose of African Mango plus Green Tea does Genceutic recommend?

The African Mango plus Green Tea supplement comes in the form of a capsule and Genceutic recommends users take one capsule before meals, twice daily. They also recommend that users drink between eight and ten glasses of water per day and stick with their weight loss program for a minimum of ten weeks to ensure maximum success.

Has there been any side effects reported from those taking African Mango plus Green Tea?

Most experts consider African Mango to be an extremely safe weight loss supplement. However, Green Tea contains caffeine and is therefore a stimulant. As such, it is known to cause a few minor side effects, including headaches, nausea, anxiety, insomnia, heart palpitations, and irritability, so if you experience any of these symptoms whilst using the Genceutic Naturals African Mango plus Green Tea supplement, stop taking it immediately, but if you are used to drinking green tea with no side effects, the product will be perfectly agreeable for you.

Is the Genceutic Naturals formula good value?

The African Mango plus Green Tea supplement is very competitively priced and contains a large amount of both of the main ingredients—almost twice as much as is normally recommended for weight loss purposes. The product will be very suitable for the majority of customers, but anyone with sensitivity to either green tea or African mango might want to try a product containing smaller amounts of each ingredient to ensure no unwelcome side effects are experienced whilst taking the formula.