Benefits of African Mango

What are the benefits of African Mango? Irvingia gabonensis, otherwise known as African Mango, is not only a deliciously succulent fruit packed full of flavor—it is also capable of delivering a number of very important health and weight loss benefits.

The African Mango fruit is an indigenous fruit found growing in the rainforests of Cameroon, West Africa. The fruit is rather similar to a regular mango in looks and taste, but although the yellow fruit is very tasty, it is the extract of African Mango seed that contains such an abundance of nutritional ingredients.

For centuries, African Mango has been used as a staple part of the diet in African bush tribes, mainly due to its effects as a natural stimulant and appetite suppressor. But until recently, African Mango remained relatively unheard of in the western world. However, after Dr. Oz featured a report about the amazing effects of the humble African Mango on his show, weight loss supplements containing extract of African Mango are soon became one of the most sought after products in the world.

Can the African Mango weight loss benefits help reduce levels of obesity?

Ever increasing levels of obesity are linked to unhealthy diets and a lack of exercise, so it is therefore not surprising that with so many people in the US and other western countries morbidly obese, pressure on health care services is immense. However, over the last few years there have been several exciting research trials carried out on the weight loss effects of African Mango and many experts are now firmly convinced that this “superfruit” holds the key to reducing obesity in the developed world.

What health problems are linked to obesity?

Obesity causes all kinds of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, strokes, cancer, and a whole host of other life threatening illnesses.

What are the health and weight loss benefits of African Mango?

Extract of Irvingia gabonensis can stimulate the production of beneficial hormones that work to regulate the body’s metabolism, suppress hunger, and break down stubborn fat deposits in areas such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks and hips. Health and weight loss benefits of African Mango include the following:

  • Appetite suppression – during clinical trials on the effects of African Mango, researchers discovered that consumption of Irvingia gabonensis can successfully suppress the appetite by holding food in the stomach for a longer period of time, thus ensuring the body thinks it is full for longer.
  • Fat burning – Irvingia gabonensis speeds up the metabolism and encourages the body to begin burning extra fat deposits. When the effects of African Mango were studied as part of a controlled research trial, the results showed that when taken in a weight loss program, African Mango supplements can help dieters lose around 12.3Ibs over the course of twenty-eight days.
  • Boosts adiponectin – this is a natural hormone that regulates levels of blood sugar and insulin. Research has proven that extract of African Mango can boost natural levels of adiponectin, which helps to increase the metabolism and aid fat burning. Clinical studies have shown that people with naturally low levels of adiponectin are much more likely to be obese and suffer from related health problems such as diabetes.
  • Leptin control – Irvingia gabonensis increases the levels of leptin in the blood stream, which can help to increase weight loss since leptin is one of the key hormones involved in the body’s fat metabolism mechanism. The exact role of leptin is as yet uncertain, but scientists have discovered that leptin injections can cause significant weight loss. Interestingly, many people develop a resistance to leptin due to the action of a protein known as C-reactive protein, which makes it more difficult for them to lose weight. African Mango can counteract this effect by decreasing levels of C-reactive proteins and allowing leptin to do its job.
  • Detoxification – African Mango does not specifically cleanse the body of dangerous substances, but because it plays such a big role in helping you get rid of excess fat deposits, you will almost certainly feel invigorated and detoxified as a result.
  • Cholesterol reduction – as we all know, LDL cholesterol is bad for us, so anything that can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol is a good thing. Irvingia gabonensis has been shown to significantly reduce levels of bad LDL cholesterol, while raising levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol. The high fiber content of African Mango helps to lower cholesterol levels by binding to bile acids and transporting cholesterol molecules out of the body.

With so many amazing health benefits linked to extract of African Mango, weight loss supplements containing African Mango extract are undoubtedly the key to a successful weight loss program. However, before embarking on any weight loss plan, always consult your doctor to rule out the possibility that taking diet supplements will exacerbate any existing or previously undiscovered health issues.


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