Dr Oz diet

Dr Oz has featured the ingredients in SDF-3 on his tv show numerous times and talks about them in magazine articles such as the one here. He has called them a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet”, the “#1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat” and “tricks your body into acting like it is thin”.A university study performed in 2009 found that Irvingia Gabonensis (african mango) has a natural ability to act as very strong appetite suppressant, actually influencing the way your brain works.

Another study Dr Oz referenced on his show in 2011 showed how Sea Buckthorn oil blocks the body from absorbing fat. Late in 2011, Dr Oz talked about how Raspberry Ketones cause the body to burn accumulated fat.

Altogether, they are the most powerful healthy diet aid available.


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479 Responses to “Superfruit diet”
  1. Mike says:

    African Mango is healthy? Seems like everyone is talking about it.

  2. Candace says:

    I read somewhere that african mango supplement contains 200mg caffein, and it. Is like 3 cup of coffee. So my question, is that true. If its true I don’t think its healthy, I wouldn’t wanna even try it with that much caffein.

  3. Jasmine says:

    I’m on One a Day for women since my iron is so low I am borderline anemic without vitamins. Would this replace my One a Days…or should I add the mango supplements to my current vitamins as well?

  4. Sublime says:

    I wouldn’t replace your one a day pill but add it to what you are currently taking. This African Mango supplement has other nutritional benefits and it would probably be better if you add it to what you already take.

  5. Jack says:

    The African Mango supplement I take has 50 mg of caffeine per serving (2 capsules). It’s equivalent to a cup of coffee. I don’t feel jittery or anything on it. I just feel like I am more awake and have more energy.

  6. Lindsey says:

    I just started taking African Mango together with Sea Buckthorn supplements Dec. 26 Monday and already lost 5.5 lbs. It really suppress my appetite and rejuvenate my skin. I tried almost all diet pills for weight loss so far this is the only products that really worked for me. I highly recommend these products it’s Amazing!!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I was trying to decide which of these supplements to take for weight loss and wondered if they could be taken together as well. Which products have you taken and where did you get them? What made you decide to take them together?

  8. Cathy says:

    when did this episode air on Dr. Oz? I’m trying to find it on YouTube so I can watch it.

  9. Amber says:

    I’m seventeen, going to be eighteen in a few months, and I wanted to know if using this would be a wise choice.. Should I consult with a doctor, even with parental consent?

  10. Tammy says:

    what is in the sea buckhorn supplements? is it something that helps with the african mango?

  11. Jill says:

    They were both mentioned on the Dr. Oz show for weight loss. Sea Buckthorn has an omega-7 fatty acid that signals the body to stop storing unncessary fat and also assists in sending fat loss signals. Read about both of them in the cover article in the Jan 2, 2012 issue of First for Women magazine from the supermarket.

  12. Debbie says:

    Just started taking African Mango 5 days ago. Wow, what a difference. Lots of energy. Better attitude, and very little appetite.

  13. Vanessa says:

    Just type in Dr, Oz African mango and there are a few videos. He recommends it for it for it’s appetite suppressing abilities and it’s ability to speed up your metabolism.

  14. Big John says:

    Seriously Amber, you shouldn’t even think about something like african mango without telling your parents….

  15. brittany says:

    Today I took my first two, each with a meal. I still had cravings to eat everything. I eat till im way too full. Being 4’10 &105 lbs, its very uncomfortable. Not trying to get skinnier, just trying to not over do my meals!
    I am taking this in conjuction with eating many small meals a day instead of three large meals. Good luck to me!

  16. Erzsebet says:

    I started taking two pill today. I am also drinking 2 to 3 cups of green tea. I am also taking Coleanse to cleanse. I am 40 to 50 lbs overweight

  17. Linda Ott says:

    I would find a good whole food supplelment to replace all the petroleum based synthetic nutrients in the One A Day.

  18. Theresa says:

    Does anyone know what happens when you stop taking the African Mango supplement? Losing weight quickly usually results in it coming back on quickly.

  19. Laura says:

    Brittany – Do not take this WITH a meal – take it between meals.

    Please let us know how you make out.

  20. Laura says:

    Sounds like a good plan Erasebet – keep us posted!

  21. Lindsey says:

    Jennifer – I got them from http://www.acaiberrysite.com

    I decided to try them as Dr Oz featured both on his show. African mango helps with hunger, and Sea Buckthorn keeps fat from being absorbed, so less of what you do eat stays with you.

    At least, that is what I understood. Seems to be working for me so far.

  22. KRISSY says:


  23. Marty says:

    Just received mine today when is the best time to take pills?

  24. Laura says:

    between meals, so you don’t get too hungry and overeat at the next meal.

  25. Hi
    Recently i received the bottle of African mango so i want to know how i start this treatment my weight is 85 kg height 5.4 i m looking so fatty i m so upset about weight …rply me soon please

  26. Laura says:

    Krissy- No you don’t have to take it forever, but it is so great for your body why wouldn’t you want to?? African Mango is the superfruit of the year, not only does it help with weight loss, but also keeping weight OFF!

  27. Today is the 7th day of taking African Mango Tablets. I have more energy, since taking the tablets. To lose 7 kilos + 14 lbs or 1 Stone. I am taking the African Mango Tablets, feel confident.
    So at present feel good.Despite low thyroid.

  28. Angel says:

    I just bought African mango thin supplements is there a difference between this one and the other African mango supplements ? Please help is there a certain one to take for losing weight or are they all the same?

  29. Manda says:

    I have attempted to order, and it keeps telling me that the cookies can’t be loaded. I’ve done everything it is telling me, and it still doesn’t change, and I am unable to order anything. Kind of frustrating.

  30. Krissy says:

    I read the Dr. Oz article in the January 2, 2012 edition of the magazine “First-for women” and in order for the African Mango supplements to be beneficial, they have to contain IGOB131. The product label will clearly list this, if it is present in the product or supplement. He also advises “taking a B vitamin and a multivitamin daily for keeping metabolism revved and energy high…”

  31. Marianne says:

    After starting the African Mango pills, I started getting severe nausea, so sick – I had to call in sick to work, is it the pills? anyone else have these side effects? Or do I just have a stomach bug?

  32. Pip says:

    Thank you for your comments on the ‘free trials’ as I was just about to do one of those! Now I’ll get mine from you instead. I’ve been doing the HCG food plan and found it extremely restrictive and hard to cope with. African Mango sounds great though. Can’t wait till pay day so I can order some!

  33. admin says:

    Krissy – You are correct that IGOB131 is an african mango extract that a particular company has patented and has studies that prove it is effective.

    But, you are way off base to say it has to be that brand to be effective. Their brand is nothing more than african mango extract, but they spent a lot of money to patent it so they can charge a lot more money for the same thing. Just like generic prescription drugs are as effective as a brand name that cost several times as much.

  34. Ginny says:

    I have brought some African Mango Tablets as shown above, but am confused as to how often I should take the tablets. Is it before lunch & dinner or just the one main meal of the day.

  35. ALICE CRUZ says:


  36. Laura says:

    Alice, Yes you can take African Mango with type 2 diabetes, but we do recommend that you consult your doctor just in case. The same goes with antidepressants.

  37. Laura says:

    Ginny, You should take them a few hours before you eat with a glass of water. This is to help you with hunger so you will eat less at the next meal.

  38. Laura says:

    Marianne, we have never heard of anyone getting sick from the African Mango. It is most likely that you have the flu. I would suggest not taking the African Mango while you recover from the flu and then starting again after you feel better.

  39. Laura says:

    Manda, we are sorry that you are having that issue. Please call us at 408 313 9547. You can place your order over the phone.

  40. Laura says:

    Angel, No not all African Mango pills are the same. Some are the cheap stuff. Our African Mango pills are 1200 mg’s and is 100 % pure – the best African Mango pills that you can find.

  41. Angel says:

    Ok because I bought them from a store.. Just making sure its not a scam

  42. shazz says:

    I have just started the african mango pills too. I am up to day three and also have had severe nausea and slight dizzyness and I felt worse during a 2 hr hike (in total) up rainbow mountain today (in NZ).Also feeling extremely tired. I do shift work and have just finished a week of nights mon-fri (2245-0715) back to work mon -fri on days 0700-1530 Ive done these shifts alternately fot the last 3 yrs.

    I have been taking 2 pills in the morning as that’s what it says on the bottle. My pills arrived on there own. No information or phamplet on how to use. Maybe i should change to 1 pill before each meal? and maybe I need to drink more water. Usually I aim for at least 1 1/2 litres per day.

    I haven’t started dieting yet as unsure if there is a specific diet to follow with the pills. I haven’t felt any different or lost any weight yet. (i am 14kg over weight)

    Any suggestions on diet, hopefully nausea will resolve soon.

  43. Lydia says:

    Im 17 , is it okay if i take african mango ??

  44. Grace says:


    I am on a patch to called Evra and I am wondering could i take african mango with this?

  45. Sana says:

    Hi! I am from Bahrain and I would like to order 6 bottles of African Mango online can you please tell me how much time it will take and how can i order it?


  46. Fran says:

    I want to start taking the African Mango Supplement I am 62 years old and it great health. I am about 25 to 30 pounds over weight. I stay busy and exercise 2 times a week when I can. Will the African Mango make me feel jittery? I do not drink coffee and I do not like caffeine?

  47. David says:

    Fran- African Mango might make you a little jittery. Just to be safe you may want to look into the SDF-3. It is a combination of Acai, African Mango and Sea Buckthorn.

  48. admin says:

    Sana- International shipments can take a bit longer. We ship all of our international orders First Class International Registered Mail with United States Postal Service. That requires a signature confirmation and tracking number. We do this to insure that the package will arrive safely and in a timely manner. This however requires some extra paper work which explains why it takes a bit longer to ship.

  49. Bay says:

    Lydia, I think it should be okay for you to take African Mango. Maybe you should talk to your doctor just in case. I take it, but I am 19 now.

  50. Zoey says:

    I know it saved me too, pip! I am just glad that they care enough to put something like that on their website. I am forever a valued customer.

  51. Kylie says:

    Yes you are supposed to drink LOTS of water!!. I take every pill with a glass of water. I started taking them with my meals but found it much better to take them between because it help make me not hungry anymore and gives me more energy. SO I would say to try that 🙂

  52. Anna says:

    That is excellent news! I plan on starting mine tomorrow! I hope for the same results you are seeing.

  53. Tyler says:

    No, usually not. If you go back to your old ways of eating garbage and be a couch potato then yes you probably will gain some weight back. I don’t see a reason in to ever stop taking the African Mango. I’ve been taking it for half a year now and haven’t felt better!

  54. Bay says:

    She said she does have parent consent. I would still suggest asking a doctor, Amber.

  55. Dylan says:

    Yes! African Mango was the super fruit of the YEAR!!

  56. Dennis says:

    My wife has been taking african mango for 3 weeks now, and it is the first diet that actually worked for her.

  57. Jodie says:

    Just wondering, I ordered it online and it said it would send me a conformation email, and i still have not receieved that email.. Should i be worried, because I have paid and everything for the shipping and the monthly dose of the pill.

  58. Sana says:

    Thank you for your reply. Can you please tell me what extra paper do you require just incase i need to get i ready and GNC is selling African Mango supplements too but they do not give you the same result as the one on this website what is the difference? As i am dying to lose weight.

  59. Rebecca says:

    I just recently bought the super afican mango pills and super colon cleanser from GNC. I feel like they are working and I’m looking forward towards my first weigh in.

  60. Deborah says:

    I,m 49yrs old with Hashimoto’s Disease and on thyroid medication. I need to lose 50lbs “safely”. I tend to have restless leg syndrome in the evenings so am wondering in general just how safe and healthy this African Mango pills are for me to take without the “internal excitability” that might come with it? Also, is it really only best to do the cleanse at the same time? (I work FT and is hard to cleanse through the week).

  61. melissa says:

    Everybody on here says they like the pills n they feel like they work but how many lbs as anybody lost since starting on the pills n in how much time

  62. Jodie says:

    Do you know what website to buy then on? Im just worried of getting a spam one.

  63. Bay says:

    I have lost 15lbs already! I have been taking it for a little over 3 weeks now.

  64. Admin says:

    Deborah, I would just consulting your doctor just in case. The African Mango is fine to take by itself. You do not need to cleanse if you do not feel the need to.

  65. Sean says:

    Jodie, ORDER FROM THIS WEBSITE! They have the really good stuff that is hard to find anywhere else (I know I searched for it). Its 1200mg’s of African Mango. Other places I found have 500 mg pills, or charge $39 for the 1200 mg pill that I got 3 for $34 on this site.

  66. Admin says:

    I shouldn’t see a problem with this, but you will need to consult your doctor before taking African Mango.

  67. Anonymous says:

    wondering if this is safe to take while I am nursing.

  68. melissa says:

    N thats with dieting to r just taking the pills i just started dieting n in five days lost 7lbs but if thats with just taking the pills thats great

  69. Sarah says:

    When is the best time to take these? I have the super african mango 1200 capsules which says 2 times a day, but is there a certain time of day to take them? cheers 🙂

  70. Luna Marie says:

    I can’t take caffeine. Does all African Mango contain caffeine. I don’t see it on the label of the one I just bought today.

  71. pat says:

    I have the same pills as Sean it says take two per day , but when?? do you take two together??

  72. Chloe says:

    These products sounds great. I would love to try them. Does this website ship to Australia?

    Also which product is best for increased energy and weightloss, the African Mango or the SuperFruit Formula?

  73. Admin says:

    I’m sorry, but for legal reasons we cannot make recommendations for:

    Women who are nursing
    Children under the age of 16
    Anyone with major health problems or illness

    But we are not aware of anything other than minor side effects.

  74. Bryan says:

    How long ago did you order them? And what website did you buy them from?

  75. Lorrie says:

    Sana: Try looking into Aramex. It is an international courier that provides you with a mail box in the US for a small memberhsip fee. You can then have items sent be regular mail in the US. Aramex ships your items thru Dubai. I live in Riyadh and have used Aramex for years. They also provide tracking number for your parcels. They will then notify you when you shipment arrives so you can either pick it up or they will deliver. I hope this helps 🙂

  76. Research says:

    Marianne I was reading the side effects of african mango and one of the side effects were flu like symptoms. So if this company has never heard of anyone getting sick from african mango then obviously they have not done their research. Just like any drug or supliment there are always side effects. I hope you are feeling better. I do recomend you look up side effects before you decide to continue to take the supliment.

  77. Rebecca says:

    I just walked into GNC and purchased them there. I paid $31.99 for the mango pills and $13.99for the colon cleanser pills. Its about twice the cost of this website, but if you don’t want to wait, you might give try GNC

  78. Rebecca says:

    Take one in the morning like around 8am and the other around 3 or 4, a few hours before u eat dinner.

  79. Kukie says:

    Hey everyone 1st day and I will say I feel alot better I hope this works 🙂

  80. Kukie says:

    I mean I feel a boost of wake up great mood

  81. Kukie says:

    Do I or should I do a cleanser with this I see some poeple doing this? Help would like to know I just dont want to be in the bathroom. Can anyone help with this? Thanks:)

  82. Laura says:


    No, a cleanse is not required in any way. Some sellers try and say it is, so they can sell more.

    African Mango has several effects, but the biggest is minimizing hunger. It does that all by itself.

    Many dieters do have good results in using a cleanse occasionally, and acai cleansers do seem to work well with African Mango. But is definately NOT REQUIRED.

    Personally, I am getting better results on the sdf-3, which is African mango, Acai and seabuckthorn.

  83. Laura says:

    No, a PURE african mango is just that – african mango extract, which contains no caffeine. It does have a mild stimulative effect though. You’ll just have to give it a try to know for sure – hope you can tolerate it.

  84. Anon says:

    I had just Placed an order for a few bottles and was just wondering how long it would take to be sent to Canada?

  85. paula says:

    Hello all I purchased a 3 bottles for 99.99 at “As seen on TV “store in Toronto. The label has 300mg of irvingia,150mg of acai berry, 150mg of mangosteen, and a few other ingredients is this the right one. The bottle says Real African Mango.

  86. Janine says:

    Hi guys,
    I’ve just started my African Mango Diet Today =) and I’m keen as to get into a size 8 dress (:

  87. Janine says:

    Hey Paula,
    I got a free trial African Mango. The bottle contains African Mango Extract, Acai Berry Ectract, Green Tea Extract just to name a few.
    I’ve only paid $2.50 shipping each for my two bottles of African Mango and Bio Cleanse, so all up including the shipping fee cost me $10.00 all the way to Australia.

  88. admin says:

    Janine – Sorry to say, but ALL those free trials are SCAMS!

    You actually signed up for a subscription – check the fine print on the website you purchased on.

    They will hit your credit card for $80 or so very soon, and keep doing it until you cancel the card.

    read more about these thieves here

  89. admin says:

    Paula – I’m not familiar with that brand, but 300 mg of african mango is a little low. I’d recomend you take at least 2 at a time, twice a day (between meals) so you get enough african mango to curb the hunger.

    When you run out, you might consider that for $37 (while the 30% sale is on) you can get 3 bottles with 1200 mg of African Mango from the store on this website.

    Do try and pop back in and tell us how you’re doing!

  90. Laura says:

    Chloe – African Mango is very effective for curbing your hunger, so it helps you eat less and lose weight.

    SDF-3 has African Mango, and also Acai and Seabuckthorn, which increase energy, fat burning, and decrease amount of fat absorbed. So It does a lot more than just curb hunger.

    Yes, we ship to Australia every day. It does take 7-10 days to get there though.

  91. paula says:

    ok thanks a lot and I will up my pills. I will keep you posted.

  92. Robin says:

    I had a thyroidectomy in March 2011 and since then I have gained 20 pounds. I now take thyroxin. Will African Mango be safe with this medication.

  93. Admin says:

    We ship all of our international orders First Class International Registered Mail with United States Postal Service. That requires a signature confirmation and tracking number. We do this to insure that the package will arrive safely and in a timely manner. This however requires some extra paper work which explains why it takes a bit longer to ship. It usually ships within 2-5 days after placing your order.

  94. Tried African Mango says:

    I took one pill on Sat morning- I was so excited to try African Mango. I did not eat much the first day. Sunday I woke up with the worst stomach pains ever. The pains continued throughout the day, keeping me doubled over. Mon, I woke up still in pain. That afternoon I began with the urgent trips to the bathroom. Tues- still in PAIN and frequently running to the bathroom. Finally today Wed I feel better. One pill was ENOUGH for me to not want to try it ever again.

  95. Laura says:

    im curious if the one i purchased is going to work at all it is called african mango edge diet but the pills are 150 mg per serving sounds like i need to take 2-3 at a time and still not getting the 1200 mg your speaking of wondering what your thoughts on that are since i spent 30 dollars on these i hate to waste them ?

  96. Briana says:

    I really want to start this diet but im not too sure which one is best for me. Is the superfruit diet going to make me loose more weight than just the mango diet? And if i diet on these pills is that going to make me loose more weight??

  97. Gracie says:

    I’d go with the SDF, girl. Its convenient to have all three in one capsule, and I have actually been losing weight!

  98. Derek says:

    Sounds like they aren’t worth your money. What is the price on this website like 20 bucks? And they are 1200mg??

  99. Admin says:

    Robin, I do not think there would be any issues with taking the African Mango with the Thyroxin, but we recommend you to speak with your doctor before taking it.

  100. Lisa says:

    Don’t have anything to do with it. This is a scam and you will be ripped off.
    I ordered mine on the 9th Dec and still have not recieved the pills. But guess what nearly $400 has been deducted from my account by these fraudsters.

  101. Norah Gregor says:

    Does the African Mango help in weoght loss by flushing you out everytime you eat or do you lose weight with them in another way? I bought some from a health food store the other day. I heard it was a great seller in thier store however, makes me constapated so $25.00 for something that dosen’t work me me is what I am feeling…

  102. kate says:

    Did you check with your Dr about your query? I am in the same situation. thanks

  103. Anonymous says:

    what website

  104. admin says:

    Lisa – You DID NOT order from us!

    All our sales are one time only.

    We do not have credit card numbers, so cannot charge again – you must reorder with us if you wish.

    I’m sorry it sounds like you got ripped off by one of the fake “free trial” scams we warn about above, but in the future, please try and be clear in your accusations before you slander innocent people

    (We are authorized by the BBB, which is proof that we take good care of our customers)

  105. admin says:

    Norah – African Mango curbs appetite, so you can eat less (but it is still up to you to eat less).

    It DOES NOT make you constipated at all. You probably got something that is mixed with several other ingredients, and one of those causes the constipation.

  106. kukie says:

    Thanks so much:) Im going on my 3rd day. I even felt like working out wow that says alot for me. I never feel like working out. I feel like im in a better mood. Is this pill to help that also? humm I dont know maybe its just me saying this is enough its time to get your butt in gear and feel good look great again. I have 3 kids and kinda let go…. time to look great agin:)

  107. Lori says:

    I have just purchased a bottle of African Mango “lean” – what is the difference between this one and the African Mango “1200” and which is better for faster weight loss? Thanks

  108. stuie says:

    i would be careful when taking them at first because it may send you running for the restroom. Mangos are a natural stimulant and these pills may be a much more concentrated than the fruit. Take a little at a time and see how your body adjusts.

  109. stuie says:

    Mangos are high in fiber and fiber makes you you feel full longer so of course you will eat less. They aer also used as a cleanser so if eat enough you will head straight to the restroom. You figure it out! If your eating less and using the restroom more what do think will happen……?

  110. stuie says:

    If any of you can help it just eat the mango fruit, its better for you anyway. It has no added ingredients just pure mango picked from the tree.

  111. joan says:

    i bought the African Mango Thin at Walmart is it the same thing? does it function the same? or is it a rip off

  112. Laura says:

    Hmnn. Not familiar with that brand yet. 500 mg is less than half what the brand we sell has, but better than some you find in store. The ingredients list doesn’t sound good:

    Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Film Coat:, Hypromellose, Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Polyethylene Glycol

    I wouldn’t say is a rip off – just not the best stuff you can find. How much did ya pay?

  113. Joan says:

    Hey Laura – thanks for reply. Was $26, for bottle of 60.

  114. Laura says:

    Lori – I haven’t seen anyone “selling” African Mango Lean.

    I’ve only heard it being used in the “free trial” scams.

    Hope that isn’t how you got yours – if so, better cancel your credit card NOW. Read more here

  115. Anonymous says:

    Where did you buy your African Mango? I am trying the kind from CVS and the first week I lose 5lbs and still going.

  116. Amanda says:

    I was also constipated when taking African Mango Lean. I am doing a colon cleanse also and now I’m seeing the numbers go down on the scale.

  117. Pam says:

    I’m a diabetic and I take Metformin for my diabetes. I’m not allowed grapefruit with these pills. I heard grapefruit is one of the ingredients in the South African Mango pills. Is this true?

  118. Dale says:

    My wife and I just ordered. I’m on blood pressure meds statin and baby aspirin is taking this product o.k.?

  119. Jess says:

    Hi there. Interested in starting… never used beore. I didnt know which product was best as everyone is sayng the SDF-3 is great but it has a lower volume of African mango in it so should I use this and another african mango only pill?? I want to get the best results and it looks like the higher the African mango content the better?? CONFUSED :p

  120. I'lltown says:

    I just bought a bottle of African mango I will start taking them on jan 23 2012 will keep you guys posted on my results wish me luck

  121. Frank says:

    Hey Jess, I would just the SDF-3. It has a lower African Mango content because it has other ingredients in it. I personally love the SDF, but I did increase to 2 capsules twice a day. I would take even more, but any more than that and it bothers my stomach a bit.

  122. Admin says:

    We haven’t heard of any issues regarding this, but we recommend that you consult your doctor before you start taking the African Mango.

  123. Hi there,I’ve been trying African Mango capsules for a month now and have only lost 5 pounds. I would like to cancell my delivery of any and all of your products as of recieving this request and as well stop any further Direct Debits from my Suncorp Metway account.Thank you for your urgent attention.Kind regards,Margaret Butts.My address is lot 7 Robin Street,Chuwar,Ipswich4306 Q’ld Australia.

  124. Anonymous says:

    I also bought from CVS. It has been 2 days so far and I feel fine. I am not eating as much and it has helped so far with my eating disorder. I hope it will continue! Only 1 lb so far.

  125. lisa says:

    Hi are you aware you have posted your address details on this website?

  126. Ace says:

    I was wondering if the Super African Mango 1200 would be safe to use with Oxyelite Pro?

  127. admin says:

    Margaret – You did not order from us. We only make one time sales. It sounds like you got fooled by one of the “free trial” scams that keep charging you. Sorry to say but you’ll have to cancel your credit card to stop the thieves.

    Also, these crooks ship worthless crap, as they don’t care if you’re happy with the product. Please realize that what you got is not indicative of the results you will get with a real African Mango extract.

  128. Nachole says:

    I put in for my order and received a confirmation email but with no tracking #. i purchased the product on January 18th and still have not received my product. your website say 2-5 days, it has been 6 since the purchase. Also i recived an email on the 21st that said my order was shipped on the 23rd. how is this possible. Im very confused someone please help?

  129. Mery says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I ordered from Bel Marra Nutrition and will receive my supply via post in a week or so. I’ll keep you posted with my results. Is there anyone with positive results? Anyone who has lost weight? If so, how much and how long.

    Many thanks,

  130. Leanne says:

    I’m confused, I received my order – not a free trial. The bottle looks identical to what you sell but it has African Mango Lean on the front, this isn’t you guys is it? I got it from the Healthier Post website.

  131. marion emery says:

    I ordered two preparations from ou on 16th January for which you have debited my account but as yet have not received them

  132. admin says:

    Hey Leanne – That has green tea and a bunch of other inexpensive ingredients added, to cut costs. And they charge 3 times as much! Sorry you got ripped off like that.

  133. Mark says:

    Can men take this product also?

  134. Susan says:

    but doesn’t the sdf-3 that you recommend have other “stuff” added?

  135. Lindsay says:

    When I first read about this diet it said to take a colon cleanse with it is that true? I was going to buy the African Mango Diet pills at GNC, but they have like 4 different ones, which would you recommend that I get?

  136. admin says:

    Lindsay – a colon cleanse is not necessary, but 10-20% of users do have some constipation. That is one reason the sdf-3 formula works better. Acai and Sea buckthorn both improve bowel functioning.

    I’m not sure what brands GNC carries now, as it has been changing alot. If they have sdf-3, I’d recommend that. Otherwise, the one with the most African Mango extract per dollar.

  137. Jason says:

    Hey Mark – of course! I’ve been taking it for 6 weeks now.

  138. Lindsay says:

    I hope they do. I have been struggling with getting off this last 20 lbs. and my fiance hasnt seen my under 200 lbs. only pictures. I cant wait to get this started so I have more energy to play with him and my son!

  139. admin says:

    Susan – YES. But SDF-3 has a lot of sea buckthorn, which is far more expensive that African mango.

    They have other ingredients added to make it more effective. Not cheap stuff added to cut cost.

  140. kayla says:

    Does the african mango i have from gnc 600mg have or should have the same effect?

  141. Anonymous says:

    Hey did anyone buy the product from this website? Also, if you have been taking it, which one are you using? I’m debating between the regular one or the SDF-3. Thank you!

  142. Laura says:

    Nachole – we did run out of stock for a few days, but got a shipment on Friday, so processed your order then. The email was sent saturday, but couldn’t go out until Monday, hence the postdated email. An email was sent with tracking number, but may be in your spam folder? Sorry for the confusion!

  143. Anonymous says:

    Just wondering where can i purcahse this product over the shelf in Melbourne Australia?

  144. Nachole says:

    Thank you so much! im so excited to get them and get the ball rolling!

  145. Sam says:

    Is African mango only an appetite suppressant?….or is it a fat burner as well?

  146. Leanne says:

    thanks for getting back to me, so the product I purchased wont work?

  147. Chrystenah says:

    Hi my name is Chrystenah I made a purchase on 17th January 2012, and I have not recieved anything. Not a phone call, email txt nothing what so ever. Now I’m confused…

  148. Jane says:

    I tried the Mango 2 months ago, but wasn’t too impressed tbh. It did help with hunger, but not much else. I only lost a few pounds. did a lot better on the sdf stuff I got a few weeks later. Down 15 pounds over last month, so I would say that is better, at least for me.

  149. Laura says:

    Sam – It is a very effective appetite suppressant, but that is all.

    Some websites claim it does all kinds of miraculous things, but don’t believe that hype.

  150. Dale says:

    I took my first pill today, have had a headache most of the day, is that normal?

  151. Sam says:

    Thank for the info Laura…I’ve just been confused cuz I’ve heard of some people losing weight without even doing anything…I already work out basically everyday and have a very good diet…was just wondering if this would help me get rid of the last 10 pounds

  152. Allie says:

    Hi I went to a health food store, but make sure you get the right one that Dr Oz said to get. read the labels carefully. Ok I hope this helps.

  153. admin says:

    I’m very sorry for the delays in shipping this past week.

    We had a big rush at the start of this year and ran out of African Mango last week. We received more early this week and all orders were shipped by Wednesday.

    We also ran out of SDF-3 and were supposed to get more in 2 days, but that turned out to be a week. We finally received the shipment of SDF-3 yesterday (jan 26), and all backorders have now been shipped.

    Again, I am sorry for the delay and for those who did not get an email informing of the problem.

  154. Chrystenah says:

    Ah, got it today. Was 8 days after ordering to reach me

  155. Dylan says:

    Dale- No usually not. Its prolly just a headache. Did you take it again?

  156. Conni says:

    Well as you can see the one you have is 600mg and the one they sale us 1200mg so that is already a difference. IS there added ingredients??

  157. admin says:

    Marion – I’m sorry for the delay. We did run out for a bit, but your order was shipped this week. We will resend the email with tracking number now, and call you to make sure you receive.

  158. Manda says:

    Thank goodness! I finally got mine in mail today. Was 8 days after ordering.

  159. Dale says:

    Lol. Yeah, headache was gone last night. Took again today and no headache.

  160. Seru Hennessy says:

    Hi, I have ordered for an introductory free trial and understand that there is an expiry date and can cancel prior to that date should I not want to continue. I ordered the African Mango and the Extreme Metaburn. Website was http://www.advancedafricanmango.com and http://www.extrememetaburn.com
    They have yet to arrive. So I do not know what type. I have a reminder date to myself to cancel before expiry date. Are you familiar with this product from this people and is it safe? They recommended the combination. What are your thoughts?

  161. Nicole says:

    I am 17 years old and have been on thyroid medication for quite some time now. I was just wondering if taking these pills would have effect on the medicine i already take and affect my body in a bad way.

  162. admin says:

    Seru – That is a classic free trial scam. They will charge you $84.90, and keep charging until you until you cancel your credit card. You can try to contact them by phone to cancel, but they change their phone numbers and website every few weeks. Even if you can get thru, they will often say it is cancelled, and then charge you anyways since you have no proof.

    Please read their terms and conditions page. I posted a bit here:

    ” cancel within 14 days. On day 15 you will be billed the remaining purchase price of $84.90 and enrolled in the Exclusive Advanced African Mango auto-shipment program”

    Note that they start counting the 15 days from when you order, and often you wont even receive until after the 15 days is up!

    As for the quality – they are a scam. They don’t bother shipping a decent product as they know you will never be happy to pay $84.90 a month for their crap.

    Cancel your card immediately if you don’t want to support these thieves.

  163. Dylan says:

    LOL sweet!

  164. christina says:

    Hello i was wondering how do i order your african mango diet pills what is the website ? i know there is a lot of scamming sites out there. how do i get the one Dr OZ had on his show ? also i live in Canada please email me,thank you

  165. June says:

    Ah, thanks for letting us know.

  166. Elaina says:

    Hello , i just want ask what is the correct website so i can order? Thanks

  167. Shelley says:

    How many do you take in a day? and what is the best time to take them?

  168. Brittney says:

    Hello I bought the genceutic naturals, AFRICAN MANGO + green tea, I was wondering if anyone had good results with this one, Is it the same as the others everyone is talking about? I wanted the green tea because I need to speed my metabolism up as well, Im going to start it tomorrow and see how it goes 🙂

  169. Lori says:

    no I did not purchase this on a free trial. I got it off EBay.

  170. Admin says:

    Nicole- We don’t see an issue with taking this with your thyroid medication, but we do recommend discussing this with your doctor before taking any African Mango.

  171. african mango says:

    Does anyone has an experience of using both african mango and acai extracts? which works better?

  172. sabrina says:

    Jason how is it working for you? i just started and my boyfriend is looking to start too if it works for men.

  173. Laura says:

    Brittney – Yes, we used to sell that brand. It is ok – should work for you. Although it has 25% as much african mango as the brand we sell, so you’ll need to take at least 3 pills at a time.

    The green tea does help cut hunger for most people. I’m not aware of it actually helping speed metabolism tho.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes for ya

  174. Lillian says:

    I ordered 13 days ago and have not received any kind of info on my order. I have emailed and called and no answer or replies at all!! I really hope this isn’t a scam. I am starting to regret ordering from this website.

  175. Anonymous says:

    Awesome thank you so much!I’ll try that one intstead then, seems like it has a lot of good notes. Thanks again and best of everything.

  176. Anita says:

    Hi I ordered my supply on jan 17 and haven’t received any emails except for the confirmation one when I ordered…I was just wondering about what was going on

  177. Anonymous says:

    Hello I was wondering, When I reach my goal and Quit using this product, will i be more prone to gain weight faster and even weight more than before? Like when one does exercise and stops and gains quickly afterwards for not maintaining the workout. Thank you!

  178. Mike says:

    Shelley, I take 2 African Mango in between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. It seems to be working so far, I have lost over 10lbs in 3 weeks

  179. Admin says:

    This is the correct website to order on. Just go to the top and hit the store button and place your order. Don’t forget to use 30afm when checking out for 30% off.

  180. Tammy says:

    Ya I actually used to use the Acai. It helps with energy a lot and a little with hunger, but african Mango is better to stop hunger.

  181. mary says:


    I just bought my first bottle of the African Bush Mango..The girl at the health food store told me it would stop me from eating so much….Hope it works..


  182. mary says:


    The bottle of African Mango I bought has Acai extract in it…I am using the liquid form….

  183. mary says:

    Hi Kylie

    I am just starting to take the liquid form of African Bush Mango.I was wondering how much before you eat do you take the liquid.Thats great it has been working for you.


  184. rachel says:

    Bought African mango,has acai and. green. tea.also bought colon cleanse, are they ok to use with the mini pill. As in won’t they make it less effective.

  185. Kim says:

    Hi I am looking at what product to purchase. Just the African Mango or the SDF!!

    I don’t have a lot of weight to lose.. Maybe 5kg.. mainly around my buttocks!!

    I eat well and exercise, but looking for more energy and something to assist in getting that extra weight off me that I am finding harder to lose now that older!!

    Do you think SDF would be the product for me if lacking energy and hard to shift weight off thighs and bum!?!


  186. TERRA says:

    I purchased a bottle of BEST AFRICAN MANGO FAT BURN WEIGHT LOSS IRVINGIA GABONENSIS DIET PILLS on ebay. im not sure if it is the same or if i just gave into a scam or something that is unhealthy. please give me feedback on any experience you may have with this. thanks!

  187. Anonymous says:

    Will this African mango make gain wright after am done with it

  188. Joey says:

    Hope it does too! But you should have ordered from this website. Their stuff is 1200mg and really does work.

  189. Admin says:

    No you are not likely to gain weight faster, but African Mango helps you keep the weight off. So we suggest taking it even after your reach your goal weight.

  190. Tammy says:

    I havent really heard of that stuff. Seems kind of like a scam or something. :/

  191. Ben says:

    IDK sounds weird to buy pills off ebay. I wouldnt trust it

  192. Admin says:

    Kim- Yes the SDF-3 sounds like it would be perfect for you to lose weight in those problem areas. Remember to use coupon code 30afm for 30% off of your purchase!

  193. Admin says:

    Rachel- Did you buy your products with us? As I am a bit confused as to which products you ordered. Was it the SDF-3 and a cleanse?

  194. rachel says:

    It was one of those free trials as I just found out about the products. Just wanted to know if they have any effect on contraceptive pills. Will buy from here next as you have a lot of reviews.

  195. Kristin says:

    Does anyone know if the SDF 3 is less effective in the weight loss end than the 1200mg of African Mango? Just wondering since the SDF is only 250mg!

  196. Tonya says:

    Question: How do I know which is best? The African Mango or SDF-3? It looks like African Mango has a lot more mg than SDF-3. Can you explain the differences and how to determine what is best?

  197. Anonymous says:

    Did you buy the regular african mango or the SDF-3 one??

  198. Anonymous says:

    How is it going for you? Are you taking the regular one or the SDF-3?

  199. Anonymous says:

    So I’m 20 punds overweight and I was wondering, which one would work better? The African Mango or the SDF-3? I wouls greatly appreciate the feedback, also, until when do we have to order with the 30 % off??

  200. Sally says:

    No girl, I take SDF-3 with my birth control, and I havent had any effects. But I did want to add that they recalled a lot of Birth Control (the kind that have hormones so basically the ones you take for 3 weeks and then off a week)

  201. leah says:

    ok so i just had a baby so im wanting to lose 20 pounds before summer. i eat healthy and excercise as much as i can. im planning on ordering the sdf3 monday. im taking mangodrin and it does NOTHING. it was 45 bucks at gnc.:( Does sdf3 really work?

  202. Admin says:

    We definitely recommend the SDF-3. The SDF-3 has all of these benefits:
    Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    This is why we recommend the SDF-3. Also, I am not sure when the coupon code will expire. It is for a limited time.

  203. Admin says:

    We definitely recommend the SDF-3. The SDF-3 has all of these benefits:
    Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    As you can see the African Mango only suppresses hunger. The SDF-3 combines all of these diet pills to create maximum results.

  204. Maria says:

    I am using SDF-3 and I just keep seeing the weight come off. I would definitely give it a try if I was you.

  205. lindsay says:

    which would be better to take the sdf-3 or all three pills a day. acai berry, african mango and sea buckthorn

  206. Tracy says:

    I’ve just purchased 3 bottles of Sdf-3 today. Just wondering when I can receive the product? I live in Brisbane Australia. Thanks

  207. Anonymous says:

    Hi! I just ordered the sdf3 tonight. When can I expect my order? I’m so excited and I hope this isn’t a scam. I don’t normally order online .

  208. Sibel says:

    Hi I recently bought the three bottles of African mango 1200 & was wondering if im going to lose weight just taking that? Should I have gotten the 3 bottles? Please help…

  209. Babs says:

    does your site also a good colon cleanse I know the 3in one helps but just for that extra boost does your nsite have one

  210. sara says:

    im confused about what i need to get. Theres the african mango plus and theres the african mango super?
    and which other pills on here do i need to take with the african mango ?

  211. Babs says:

    Hi do you all a coion cleanse I have ordered the sfd_3 and would like more of a boost

  212. Babs says:

    sorry colon cleanse

  213. Admin says:

    Yes, we have the Acai cleanse if you go to http://www.acaiberrysite.com. It is a very good cleanse and can be paired with the SDF-3.

  214. Admin says:

    We definitely recommend the SDF-3. The SDF-3 has all of these benefits:
    Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    The SDF-3 is more convenient than the Trio of Acai, African Mango and Sea Buckthorn.

  215. Admin says:

    Tracy- We are a little back ordered on the SDF-3. Your order will ship in 1-2 weeks, but you will receive a tracking number via email as soon as your package has been shipped. I am sorry about any inconvenience this may have caused you.

  216. Admin says:

    We definitely recommend the SDF-3. The SDF-3 has all of these benefits:
    Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    The SDF-3 is more convenient than the Trio of Acai, African Mango and Sea Buckthorn.

  217. Excellent guide and tips. Looking forwards to shed a few excess weight. I’ll provide some feed-back once i try this. Appreciate it!

  218. Lanie Wells says:

    Great information and tips. Looking forward to lose a handful of kilos. I’ll provide some remarks after i attempt this. Appreciate it!

  219. Norris Nicholson says:

    Excellent guide and tips. Looking onward to shed a handful of lbs .. I’ll provide some feedback right after i test this. Many thanks!

  220. Krysta says:

    I am a 33 yr old mom with two little girls that needs to drop 70-90lbs I don’t want to have to diet hard and weigh everything out. I am looking for more energy and something to help curb my appetite,as I am always so hungry,while asisst me with loosing weight. I plan to partner the SDF-3, which I just ordered off this site, with healthy eating and exercise and hope to finally get this weight off. I hope it comes quickly as I am eager to get started on loosing this extra weight I have been carrying around since I had my last child. I was going to do a colon cleanse also but is it really necessary will this work as good without the colon cleanse? I am liking also that this supplement is suggested by such a repreable doc as Dr Oz. I missed this particular show so am glad I came across this on the Web.

  221. Admin says:

    Krysta- Yes the SDF-3 sounds perfect for you! The Cleanse is not necessary unless you feel any bloating. If you do then we recommend the Acai Cleanse which is on our other website http://www.acaiberrysite.com you can order the SDF-3 and the Acai Cleanse on that website. Please let us know if you need anything further.

  222. Peggy says:

    At the top of this Web Site,I see Dr Oz’s picture. It says that he endorses African mango. Underneath it says something about the ACAI Berry, i read someplace that Dr oz and oprah were suing???i don’t know exactly who they are suing, yet they—-I read that they do NOT endorse the Acai Berry, people aree putting their names and Pictures on things, such as the ACAI berry, which i read that they do NOT endorse. It makes it look, the way you have this set up—-that they endorse the Acai berry—again, I read that they do NOT, So why should i believe that they endorse the African Mango for weight loss? My question is, Does Dr Oz recommend the Africanm mango? Thanks Peggy

  223. ms boston says:

    where do i find the pills at do i look foe africian mango or sdf-3 cause the website i went to has more then on pill i dont want to buy the wrong on please help me to buy the right ones

  224. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me what mg are you taking of african mango. Thanks

  225. Admin says:

    You can buy the pills on our website: http://africanmango.abilityhub.com/

    The African Mango is 1200mg and is a hunger suppressant. The SDF-3 has all of these benefits:
    Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina.

    So that is why we suggest the SDF-3 because it has so many benefits.

  226. Mark says:

    Peggy-Actually they are suing the people that offer “free trials” or “Samples” that is because those people are SCAMS! So they are suing them because they are not legit companies and are using their name which is bad publicity. (This company is not a scam though) However, they both said on their shows how great African Mango and Acai Berry is. Dr. Oz said “African Mango is the superfruit of the year!”

  227. Anonymous says:


  228. Terie says:

    I have two questions:

    1) I can’t find where on the website it says how many pills you are supposed to take a day – that will make a difference in how many bottles I choose to order.

    2) Also, can you take this in conjunction with CLA?


  229. Angela says:

    I have been taking SDF-3 for 10 days now and have only lost 2 pounds! I really only have 10 pounds to lose! If I don’t have much weight to lose will this product even work? I am not even over weight but want to be 125.

  230. Victoria says:

    Hi,I ordered the Futurebiotics African Mango with no added stimulants and caffeine, saw the website and rung them in US from here in New Zealand, as I have epilepsy and am also going to buy Green Tea instead of drinking normal tea, I was wondering if it would still work well and if my epilepsy is safe, I suffer from grand mal seizures but have not had one for over 12 years, still it pays to be careful, I have rung my doctor but I had to wait to hear back from her and I got impatient and ordered it, ( typical woman I know ), it will take 2-3 weeks to get to me so I thought I ask if what I ordered was my safest African Mango option..:-)

  231. Andie says:

    I want to start the weightloss pills but I am not sure what I need. Can I combine the Mango pill with the superfruit pills as well to make it more effective. Thanks!

  232. Quintana says:

    When will I receive my pills I ordered them on sunday

  233. admin says:

    Yes Peggy, Dr OZ most definately did endorse African Mango on his website here

    He also featured it on his tv show way back in October 2010.

  234. Krystal says:

    Thank you I got the email that my order has been sent and did have a couple more another questions. I normally eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and try to have healthy snacks such as fruit or veggies, sure they are not always healthy but I try. I was wondering when the best time of day is to take the SDF-3? I have read to take them between meals but would that be right after Breakfast and right after lunch or should you wait for like hour or something. I Just want to get the best benefits I can so want to assure I am taking them correctly.

  235. Jen says:

    Hey- Yeah its working! so let it work LOL. You only have 10 lbs to lose.. you arent going to see it all come off in 10 days! The less weight you have to lose the longer it takes to come off. I have 4o to lose and have lost 15 in 4 weeks. Its coming off slower now, but as long as its coming off I am good with that ha

  236. Chloe says:

    I’ve just ordered 3 bottles of the SDF-3, and am wondering how well it works for everyone else. Im bigger now than i was at 9 months pregnant so im pretty upset! Lately, i havent been eating 3 meals a day, but will if that’s what i should do, but i dont excercise except walk all day at work, and dont go out of my way to eat healthier 🙁

  237. Anonymous says:

    i just purchsed a free trial on african mango, i hope its not a scam.

  238. Jenny says:

    Hi, quick question, what is the concentration of each ingredient in the 3 in 1? Is there the same amount of Afican mango in the 3in1 as there is in African Mango Plus for exanple?

  239. michelle says:

    i noticed several people had to wait as product was on backorder for a while. i placed my order yesterday. i am just wondering when to expect my order. thanks.

  240. Charlie says:

    Hello I just had a my second child I have been trying to lose the baby weight is this something for me?Iam not big just my stomach I have tried dieting nothing working .HELP!!!!!!!!

  241. Admin says:

    I would be glad to help you with that. Do you have an order ID number and an email address at which I can email you your information? Thank you.

  242. Admin says:

    Andie- Yes you can that if you want to! You will just take one of each in between meals.

  243. Mark says:

    What exactly are you eating??

  244. Admin says:

    1. It depends on the pills but anywhere from 3-6 a day. (Usually 4)

    2. And I am not sure what CLA is. Can you explain that to me please?

    Thank you.

  245. junior says:

    where can you get the african mango

  246. junior says:

    can kids take this mango

  247. Irene UK says:

    I orered the exact same trial from the same company. I emailed t cancel before the 15 days as I hadn’t received my products but they didnt respond & still took the money from my account. I rang them up & they said they would only refund half the amount as it was not their policy to refund. They also promised to send me a free bottle of african Mango as a good will gesture but it has not yet arrived. It took 23 days for my goods to arrive. Ive been taking both for 5 days & I have not lost any weight but have suffered severe stomach cramps & upset stomach. I will be ordereing off here in future.

  248. Admin says:

    We don’t see any reason why not, but we recommend consulting your doctor before giving the African Mango to anyone under 18 years of age.

  249. Matty says:

    Order it from this site bro!

  250. Admin says:

    Charlie, yes this is something that you can use! I would suggest the SDF-3 or the African Mango. Please let me know if you need anymore help deciding which products fit you best.

  251. Admin says:

    We were a bit back ordered, yes and we do apologize for that. But our shipment came in Friday and all orders are being shipped within 2 days of ordering.

  252. Sarah says:

    All free trials are scams! BEWARE! I would cancel your card ASAP

  253. Admin says:

    I am sorry, but that is not our brand of African Mango so I can not give you any information regarding that brand.

  254. Mark says:

    Are you taking 2 a day? If so increase it! Take 2 twice a day.

  255. Chloe says:

    so i got no responce to my question does this mean it won’t work for me and i ordered it for nothing?

  256. Kelly says:

    I have recieved my order of African Mango, as well as a Tone deTox. Before I ordered I inquired about taking this with my high blood pressure medication, they said there are no interactions with blood pressure meds and Tone deTox and Certified African Mango. Are they accurate in saying this?

  257. cynthia says:

    you have to eat 3 meals daily & preffered 6 small meals if you dont you will mess your metabolism up & you will just store everything you eat as fat

    2nd you do have to go out of your way to some degree to eat healthy

    3rd you do have to do some exersize

    if you truly are unhappy with your body rt now you must implement all the above items in to your daily life to lose weight & reshape your body ,

    i do hope this herb will help every one lose weight easier

    but you also have to be able to maintain your weight once you stop taking it

    & if your not eating rt you will gain it all back hope this helps

  258. cynthia says:

    he also endorsed african berry & seabuckthorn both for weight loss it was in womans world magazine but i also wondered about the acai berry so much controversy over it , in womans world article he recomended them by them selves there was nothing combined ????

  259. Katie says:

    Hey Mary I hope it works for you too! I just bought some african mango pills at the health food store too, I am not sure if they work yet because I have not tried them yet! I think the one’s that you got from the store are fine as long as they are 1200mg.

  260. Sarah says:

    Yes she is right. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MIRACLE PILL. But thees pills are weight loss aids. You cant eat like crap and not work out and expect to lose weight- NOT POSSIBLE. So yes change your diet and your exercising habits and you will see the weight just fall off!

  261. Admin says:

    Yes you want to take it an hour or so after you eat your big meals (lunch and dinner). It helps to suppress your appetite so it will help to take it a bit after you eat so that it curves your appetite and you wont be as hunger during lunch and will eat less.

  262. Charlene says:

    Hi. I am in Kenya,can I order?

  263. Erin says:

    I ordered my African Mango and SDF3 about a week ago. I’m very excited to start using this diet. I already eat healthy and exerciser about 3 times a week. I’m expecting good results. I don’t have a lot to lose but just looking to maintain. I can’t wait! Thank you

    ps. I’m soo happy that I bought it off of a good site, I was reading horror stories about the scamers. Thank you

  264. Anonymous says:

    That is how I plan to take them. I looked all three up individually and they can be purchased from amazon. Just be sure the African mango has the ey ingredient he was talking about in woman’s world….

  265. Anonymous says:

    I just took the sdf-3 for 2 weeks, I eat right and exercise and I gained 5 lbs?

  266. Kellie says:

    I’ve been taking sdf-3 for 2 weeks , I eat right and exercise and I gained 5 lbs?

  267. Admin says:

    You are very welcome! Please keep us updated on your progress.

  268. Admin says:

    Are you making sure you are taking it with water? That does not make sense that you are not losing anything and you are doing all that you are saying you are doing.

  269. Admin says:

    I am sorry, but we currently do not ship to Kenya

  270. anonymous says:

    nobody has replied me yet. how do i buy offline? i’m from Ghana.

  271. Anon says:

    I currently have the African mango super 1200…when and how often is the best to take them? Thx

  272. Tanya says:

    I ordered the African mango BioSlim and BioCleanse, i recieved it in the mail today and was hoping i didnt order the wrong ones. As i have been trying to find more information on these two products but cant find anything anywhere anymore.. Are these the good ones? will i lose weight taking these? and how long before i start to notice a difference and loose weight?

  273. Anonymous says:

    Hello I was wondering do you take these pills at the same
    Time? Thank you

  274. Peter says:

    Not really sure if they are the good stuff because I havent heard of them, what are the mgs and the ingredients?

    I hope you didn’t get them in a “free trial” ?

  275. Admin says:

    I am sorry, but we do not ship to Ghana

  276. Laura says:

    Yes you can. But specifically what pills are you taking?

  277. Laura says:

    The best time is to take them in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Start off with one pill and then increase to two.

  278. Admin says:

    Tone deTox is not our product so we cannot comment on that. If you bought the African Mango from us then we do not see a problem taking it with High blood pressure but we do recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking them.

    But Tone deTox is used in a lot of the “free trial” scams, so that is probably what you signed up for. If so, you will have to cancel your credit card to stop the thieves from charging you every month.

    Also, the free trial crooks use crappy product, because they know you will not be happy when you realize you signed up for $80 a month charges.

  279. I have brought some African Mango Tablets as shown above, but am confused as to how often I should take the tablets. good african mango

  280. Chrystenah says:

    Am back to reorder and thought I’d let you all know the sdf3 works for me! I’ve been eating less and had more energy. Lost 11 pounds so far in 3 weeks – halfway there!

    I did find that 4 pills a day worked best for me, so 1 bottle really doesn’t last that long. Gonna get 3 this time.

    Any other good tips?

  281. Anonymous says:

    Thanx for the reply, the sdf-3 and the afiracan mango , or if you take the African mango do u need to take anything else with it?

  282. Admin says:

    Take 1 pill in between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner. After two weeks increase the dosage to two pills between meals. Please keep us updated on your progress!

  283. Admin says:

    It is kind of your preference. If you want to take the SDF and African Mango. You can choose to take 2 African Mangos in between breakfast and lunch and then two SDF between lunch and dinner. Or do two of each. You can figure out how your body reacts to what and then decide which is the best way for you to take them.

  284. Laura says:

    Chrystenah, That is great to hear! Sounds like it is working for you so keep up the good work. Remember to exercise regularly and to drink plenty of water. We would LOVE for you to send us before and after pictures. If you brave enough 🙂 we will compensate with coupon codes!

  285. Erin says:

    I just received my african mango yesterday! I just started taking it this morning. I can not wait to get my SDF3 any day. I will keep you updated for sure 🙂

  286. Anne says:

    In my opinion every woman needs to take supplements. They don’t do any harm and they help your body get most of the nutrition and minerals to operate properly.

  287. Dina says:

    I purchased Xtreme Mango MANGODRIN from truuDERMA from GNC. Is this safe and effective to use?

  288. I am striving to lose excess weightfor a while now. I tried all kinds of things, just about all style of physical exercises, the worse weight loss diet programs ever and not much did the trick. I merely lost a few kilos. You have a goodand useful post here and i am very comfortable at this point.

  289. Debbie says:

    Do you suggest a certain type of eating plan such as low carb etc. I eat a protein and veggie diet. I have illiminated white from my diet all together.

  290. Admin says:

    Depends on what order you going to place. For the HCG with African Mango it comes with its own diet plan. Our other products we just suggest a diet plan and an exercising plan.

  291. Admin says:

    Carlton- Great. Keep us updated with your progress.

  292. Admin says:

    I am sorry, but we cannot give you any information on that product as it is not one of ours.

  293. Bert says:

    Every man needs to take supplements too! HaHa

  294. Marina says:

    Hi, I bought 2 bottles of Real African Mango. However, after 2 weeks of consuming these pills I HAVE NOT LOST EVEN A GRAMM!!! I am really disappointed. I will finish the first bottle, but really I do not see any positive result.

  295. Linda says:

    Is african mango meltdown okay to use when on diabetic medication like metformin? I gained weight from quitting smoking and also because I am a diabetic and need to lose atleast 40 pounds to be back to the weight i should be.
    How do i know if i am using the right african mango product?

  296. Michelle says:

    I just received my SDF-3 today. How many should I take daily?

  297. sofia says:

    hi, wana lose around 40 pounds. and yes with two little kids i do miss meals and after 4 pm usually have sugar craving. usually do exercise on treadmill 2 to 3 times a week. i had thyroid surgery aboout 5 years ago and since then doesnn’t matter what i do just gain weight. i am wondering if this will help and do i have to follow your meal plan or can i use it as guidance. thanks

  298. Laura says:

    I am not sure what Real African Mango is. Did you sign up for a “free trial?”

  299. Laura says:

    Linda, I am not sure what African Mango Meltdown is. We do recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any of our supplements though.

  300. Laura says:

    Michelle- Take the SDF-3 as follows: One pill in between breakfast and lunch and again in between lunch and dinner. After two weeks increase it to two pills.

  301. Laura says:

    Our HCG paired with African Mango does come with a strict diet plan so I would suggest taking the African Mango. That will help with your hunger cravings.

  302. Linda says:

    it was last shown on Dr. oz show

  303. Michelle says:

    Great! Thank you!

  304. Ira says:

    what is the name of your site where i can order the African mango from

  305. Maria says:

    Should I purchase the african mango and the SDF-3 or is one or the other ok? Can I also take vitamins with this pill? Also, I’m on birth control will this pill affect it?

  306. sofia says:

    hithanks for the reply i just ordered SDF-3, would that be helpful or should i just order african mango?

  307. Laura says:

    Ira- Place your order on our website: http://africanmango.abilityhub.com/

    Please let me know if you need anything further.

  308. Laura says:

    We recommend SDF-3 because SDF-3 has these three ingredients:
    •Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    •African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    •Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    African Mango just has African Mango so we recommend the SDF-3 for all of the added ingredients and values. Yes you can vitamins and your birth control with this as well. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

  309. Laura says:

    We recommend SDF-3 because SDF-3 has these three ingredients:
    •Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    •African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    •Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    But having the African Mango with the SDF-3 is good because it is an extra hunger suppressant. So you can take more African Mango when you are unable to eat like when you at work or in class. It is just your preference.

  310. Jamie says:

    I am interested in trying SDF-3. I can’t take capsules so would it be ok to empty capsules into my water and drink for same results??

  311. Chris says:

    I am currently nursing my baby. Is it safe to take African Mango? I was obese before getting pregnant and would like some help.


  312. Jody says:

    I am really curious if you have any insight for people that get off anti anxiety medications that caused weight gain. I was in the best physical shape of my life and then went on Paxil and gained 18lbs in three months! I am four months off the medication (thank god)I can’t seem to lose any of the weight and I hear this is very common. Do you have any suggestions? I eat clean I do 90min hot yoga every day or every other day. I have a belly for the first time in my life! I had a six pack when I started that horrid medication. Any advice would be appreciated!

  313. Rachael says:


    I just purchasedd the Superfood Diet Combo which has the African Mango as well as the African Mango 1200mg.. do I take both and how much of each do I take?

    Many thanks,

  314. Anonymous says:

    I live in Malaysia,do u ship here.
    PLs give me a contact no.I like to order.Thanks.


  315. Laura says:

    Mag- Yes! We do ship to Malaysia. Place your order on our website. Be sure to use coupon code 30afm to get 30% off!

  316. Laura says:

    I would suggest one of each in between breakfast and lunch and then again between lunch and dinner. If you want you can do two African Mangos after Breakfast and two SDF-3’s after Lunch. As long as you are taking 2 of each twice a day you can switch it up. Please let me know if you need anything further.

  317. Laura says:

    I have actually heard of that happening occasionally. (More personal than professional cases). The SDF-3 or African Mango is what I suggest for you. Even both. You may want to check them out on our website and let me know if you have any further questions. Be sure to use coupon code 30afm for 30% off of your purchase!

  318. Laura says:

    Chris- We don’t see that being a problem, BUT we do recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking African Mango while nursing.

  319. rona says:

    how much is sdf3???? can it ship to indonesia???

  320. Anonymous says:

    So i just got my SDF-3 and the container says it has 3o capsules but I counted and i have over 60. Was that a mistake? Also, I take one in between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinner until they’re all gone right?

  321. Anonymous says:


    Hi just had a babyvabout three weeks ago and I am about 40 lbs overweight. I bought the stimulant free African Mango super fruit diet. Am I taking the right ones? If not which ones do you recommend?

  322. mei says:

    I am a breast cancer survivor and had a mastectomy and thereafter a course of chemotherapy. I was on arimidex for five years and had since stopped a year ago. In view of this medication I am ostheoporotic but I think the situation has improved slightly after I stopped taking arimidex and also on fosamax and calcium consistentlhy. I also had my gall bladder removed about 3 years ago and had since been putting on a lot of weight especially around my midriff and thighs. Can you please advise if your african mango supplements suitable for me to lose some weight; and also considering taking into consideration my health problems. Would appreciate your prompt reply.

  323. Anonymous says:


    After the birth of my daughter, I cannot seem to loose weight.

    Can you tell me if you have a retailer in South Africa? If yes please forward contact details.



  324. Laura says:

    S, No we do not have a retailer South Africa, but we do ship there. You can place your order on the website.

  325. Laura says:

    Mei, I do think that African Mango would help you with your health problems. But we do recommend that you consult a doctor before taking the African Mango. Please let me know if you need anything further.

  326. Mike says:

    Read it more carefully lol. It says serving size is 30 and quantity is 60 🙂

  327. Laura says:

    Rona, We do ship to Indonesia. You can order here http://www.acaiberry.abilityhub.com/acai-products/sdf3/

  328. Aric Jorgan says:

    I’d love to try this one out…are there dealers in asia? I am from Japan

  329. Laura says:

    Aric- We currently do not have any dealers in Asia, but we DO ship there! Order now and use coupon code 30afm for 30% off

  330. ashley says:

    If you have high blood pressure is it safe to take the African Mango diet pills?

  331. paige says:

    cna you take african mango 1200 and sdf 3 together at the same time each day

  332. Jackie says:

    Hi I’m 19 and would like to lose 20 pounds, what products do you recommend?

  333. Laura says:

    We recommend SDF-3 because SDF-3 has these three ingredients:
    •Sea Buckthorn – Block fat from being absorbed by the body
    •African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    •Acai Berry – Speed metabolism and fat burning, increase energy and stamina

    We are having a 30% off sale through the end of march. Use coupon code 30afm

  334. Laura says:

    Yes you can! You can take one of each in between breakfast and lunch and then one of each in between lunch and dinner. Or two and two.

  335. Laura says:

    Ashley we don’t see why not. But we recommend consulting your doctor before taking them.

  336. Peggy says:

    Sure! That works too

  337. Michele says:

    Hi, My daughter is 13 yrs old. Is it safe for her to take these products.

  338. michelle says:

    i just got my order. now just wondering how long does it usually take to start noticing a difference?

  339. I’d like to know a mango a day can help with my weight loss efforts.

  340. Tammy says:

    Schnell, Yes African Mango does help with weight loss! It was Dr. Oz’s superfruit of the year.I am down 7lbs in just 1 week!

    But its not the fruit – it is the ground up seeds that somehow keep you from getting hungry.

  341. Tammy says:

    Hey Michelle, I saw a difference in about 3 days! But everyone is different

  342. Lia says:

    It took me almost 2 weeks, but it is coming of steadily now

  343. Laura says:

    Michelle- We dont see a problem as to why it would not be safe for her. But we recommend consulting your doctor before she take any products.

  344. Real one says:

    I just made an order I and want to know how long is it going to take to be shift?

  345. Christopher C says:

    Hello, I really want to try this product, but I have epilepsy. Will this affect my epilepsy?

  346. Laura says:

    Christopher, We dont see how it could. But we recommend consulting your doctor before using any of our pills.

  347. claire says:

    Hi can I use SDF-3 in conjunction with Pro oxyelite?

  348. Trevin says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this from my fiancé and I was thinking about getting it. I’m a big guy, tall with a “beer belly” and I just want to lose the weight in my stomach. What would you reccomend and would I start with more right in the beginning being a bigger person?

  349. Lila says:

    Well, how do you can an order?

  350. Ozzie says:

    I have been taking them for 3 weeks now without any break…do we need to give any breaks in between?

    For how many months can I take these supplements for, is there any restrictions as to how long we can take them?

  351. Laura says:

    Lila- You can make your order at http://africanmango.abilityhub.com/products/

    Please let me know if you have any further questions about ordering.

  352. Laura says:

    We suggest the SDF-3 because it contains the following:
    Sea Buckthorn – Blocks fat from being absorbed
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speeds metabolism and fat burning

    And this is the right supplement for you regardless of your weight class. It helps you lose weight as well as maintain your weight.

  353. Laura says:

    Claire- I am sorry, but what is the Pro oxyelite?

  354. Laura says:

    Ozzie, Nope there is no reason to take any breaks. SDF-3 helps you lose weight as well as maintain your weight. So you can take it for as long as you wish.

  355. nina says:

    Are the pills safe and are there side affects that could be life threatening or affect your health? Are the pills all natural? What are the pills made off?

  356. Yara says:

    we’ve been doing exercise for the past two months . Since December trying to eat as healthy as possible not only to lose weight but because of her condition. She started with 169.9 and now she is 156 she wants to get to 145. She wants to lose the weight not only to look good is more for her health. But other diet supplements are bad for her liver.

  357. valentina says:

    I’m on antidepressant pills I’m just wondering is it safe to take African mango

  358. lynn says:

    Hi Laura, am from malaysia, am interested to become the distributor for asia, are you the right person for me to talk to ? I have also ordered the SDF superfruit from your side.
    I can be reached at the above email address, hope to hear from you soon

  359. Charlie says:

    Hello I recently just receive my order of the sdf-3 diet pills I just have two questions how do I take them and how
    many a day.


  360. Lucy says:

    Do you have any stores that have this product in Saudi Arabia(Riyadh).
    i prefer to buy it from the store then online.
    but if not. do you ship to Riyadh?

  361. (Anonymous) says:

    Hey, I have ordered the SFD formula 3 and I ordered it last week Sunday or Saturday. I haven’t recieved my order yet…is it because I live in New Jersey? and no i didn’t sign up for any free trails.

  362. Alta says:

    Hi there,
    Do you distribute Raspberry Ketone Plus? How long will it take for an order to reach South Africa?

  363. chris says:

    Hi. I take zoloft and xanax for anxiety. I also take prilosec for heart burn. Will the mango interact with any of these medications

  364. Laura says:

    Hello, I will gladly help you with that. Can you please email me at Laura@alivebynature.com

    Please include either your Order ID number or the full name you placed your order under. Thank you.

  365. Laura says:

    Lucy- I am sorry, but we do not have our products in stores in Saudia Arabia nor do we ship there.

  366. Laura says:

    Charlie- You can take them in between breakfast and lunch and then between lunch and dinner with a glass of water.

    Start off with one (2 total a day) and then increase it two pills (4 total a day)

    Please let me know if you need anything further.

  367. Laura says:

    Lynn- Great I have emailed you with more information.

  368. Laura says:

    Valentina- We do not see any problems with this, but we do suggest consulting your doctor before taking African Mango

  369. Laura says:

    Yara- I would recommend consulting a doctor before buying any of products. I don’t see a problem with it, but she should consult her doctor.

  370. Laura says:

    Nina- Yes our products are safe and natural. If you want any more information about side effects please visit this link.

    Thank you,

  371. viv says:

    if i order sdf-3 is it gauranteed to be allowed into my country nz, i am worried as it is not sold here that maybe it will be stopped

  372. sue says:

    I have lost two dress sizes and now I found some great skin care product to show off my new body.

  373. benpa ngo says:

    i have a gout can i take this product no other medication

  374. (Anonymous) says:

    I just received my order of SDF..I know that I should take one in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and diner. I’m a little slow but what do you mean by that?

  375. Andie says:

    I ordered both the super fruit pill and the mango pill. Still waiting on this and it’s been 3 weeks. When I do receive this, do I supplement a meal with the pills or how exactly do I take them to be most effective and lose weight. I have 80 to lose.

  376. Vang says:

    Hi, I just recieve my order of sdf-3 today but there is no instruction of how to take it. do i take 1 30min before meat?

  377. Anonymous says:

    on your website, you show an ingredient listed in the SDF-3 to include 150mg of raspberry ketone but they are not included.

  378. Ali says:

    Dose your item African Mango available
    at Saudi Arabia,if so who is the agent
    and his full address.
    Best Regards

  379. Marisa says:

    Hi, I just bought the African Bush Mango liquid.Right now I am only taking two tablespoon in the morning and supper. It suggest taking two tablespoon before breakfast and two tablespoons before lunch AND/OR supper. If I take the two tablespoons three times a day, will it give me better results? I live in Ontario, Canada. And I’m happy that this is sold in our Health Stores.

  380. Laura says:

    Viv- Yes, we have no issues shipping internationally and have shipped to NZ in the past. please let me know if you need anything further.

    Thank you

  381. Laura says:

    Chris- I do not think so, but we recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any of supplements just to be sure.

    Thank you

  382. Laura says:

    Alta- We do have Raspberry Ketone. It takes about 1-3 weeks to reach South AFrica.

    We ship all of our international orders First Class International Registered Mail with United States Postal Service. That requires a signature confirmation and tracking number. We do this to insure that the package will arrive safely and in a timely manner. This however requires some extra paper work which explains why it takes a bit longer to ship.

  383. Laura says:

    Marisa- I am sorry, but those are not our products so we can give you advice on how to take it.

  384. Laura says:

    Ali- No I am sorry, but our African Mango is not in Saudi Arabia and we do no ship there.

  385. Laura says:

    Vang- I will be more than happy to help you. Please take the SDF-3 as follows:

    One capsule between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Make sure to take it with a glass of water.

    After two weeks increase the dosage to two pills (4 a day total)

    Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you

  386. Laura says:

    Hello, I am sorry, but we will not be including the Raspberry Ketone in our SDF-3 until about a week. I can send you a bottle of that when we receive or I can ship you a separate bottle of Raspberry Ketone. Please let me know which one you prefer and also I will need your ORDER ID number or full name in which you placed your order.

    To speed this process along please email me at Laura@alivebynature.com

    Thank you.

  387. Laura says:

    I will be more than happy to help clear up any confusion.

    The SDF-3 works best when taken in between your meals. This is because one of the main qualities it has is to work as a hunger suppressant. So lets say that you eat breakfast at 8 and lunch at 12. Take one SDF-3 at 10 with a glass of water. And then you eat dinner at 6 so take your second SDF-3 at 3pm with a glass of water. You should increase the dosages to two pills (4 a day total) after about 2 weeks.

    Does this make more sense? Please let me know if it does not.

    Thank you 🙂

  388. Laura says:

    Benpa- I do not see any problems with taking the African Mango when you have gout, but we do recommend consulting your doctor before taking any of our supplements.

  389. Laura says:

    Sounds great! We would love some before and after pictures!

  390. Tracey says:

    Were you using the SDF-3 or the something else??

  391. Laura says:

    If you send me an email at Laura@alivebynature.com with your order ID number or your full name I will be more than happy to send you tracking information on your order. If you haven’t already received your order 🙂

    Thank you.

  392. Laura says:

    Andie- I am very sorry about that, but your order is currently back ordered. You should have received an email stating that. I apologize if you did not. Have you received your order now? All of our back orders were shipped last week. If you send me an email at Laura@alivebynature.com I will send you a coupon code for your next purchase with our company due to the inconvenience with this order.

    Please take the SDF-3 as follows:One capsule between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. Make sure to take it with a glass of water.After two weeks increase the dosage to two pills (4 a day total)

    Please let me know if you need anything else. Thank you

  393. Laura says:

    Yes, we do suggest the SDF-3 because it contains the following:

    Sea Buckthorn – Blocks fat from being absorbed
    African Mango – Increase Leptin sensitivity to stop hunger
    Acai Berry – Speeds metabolism and fat burning

    And this is the right supplement for you regardless of how much weight you wish to lose.

    It helps you lose weight as well as maintain your weight.

  394. Sherri C. says:

    Will this pill interfere with Azor (blood pressure medication)? Raspberry Ketones does so I want to make sure SDF-3 or African Mango will not create problems with my blood pressure.

  395. Alekxandra says:

    Hi everyone

    I wanna order some products from this website, but i was reading their Facebook comments, and it seems like everyone who has ordered from this website had problems with their orders. Either they got the wrong order or their order was delayed by a really long time. Can anyone comment on this? Also how long does it take for the package to arrive, about 1 or 2 weeks?
    thanks ^^

  396. ed says:

    when will the formula with the raspberry ketone included be available?

  397. Glen says:

    Nah this company is legit! They just get backordered sometimes but you will receive an email and a coupon code! People are dumb and just dont know to check their email lol

  398. sheli says:

    Where can I buy SDF-3 in Ontario, Canada?

  399. Serena says:

    hi, I’m looking to lose about 30 lbs in the next few months. Will this be possible by using this product? if so, what would have the best results and how much would I have to buy?

  400. Lorraine says:

    I’d go with the SDF-3. I have been taking it for 2 weeks and down 10lbs! Its amazing 🙂

  401. Admin says:

    SDf-3 is exclusively sold only through our company, but we do ship to Canada!

    You can place your order today and use 30afm for 30% off

  402. Admin says:

    We are receiving this shipment next week. You can purchase your order now and it will ship as soon as we receive our new and improved SDF-3

  403. Admin says:

    We do not see why it will, but we recommend consulting with your doctor before taking any of your supplements. Thank you

  404. tarah says:

    Chris did you take this? Im thinking of ordering but I also take xanax and zoloft. My pharmacist always says dont take anything but they dont know about the herbs etc.

  405. michelle says:

    absolutely no problems with the order. got everything right, and arrived in about 2 1/2 weeks

  406. collette phelan says:

    can u tell me which is d right african mango 2 take as der is diff pics on each bottle i have looked up

  407. Raven says:

    I want to lose about 80lbs what will be best for me?

  408. (Anonymous) says:

    Hey…I’ve been take the SDF for a week now and I didn’t lose any weight..is it because I’v been taking 1 pill after berakfast and after lunch?

  409. Laura says:

    Are you taking it right after lunch and breakfast? We suggest in between meals. So if you eat breakfast at 8m and then lunch usually 12 am then we would suggest taking it at 10am with a glass of water.

    After two weeks you need to increase the dosage to two pills (4 a day total)


  410. Mike says:

    What? This doesnt make sense I am sorry. Trying to help you out.

  411. Ozzy says:

    If I am living in Taiwan, how can I possibly order a bottle or two?

  412. Staffanie says:

    I have been ordering from this company for 2 years. I love them! They roll with the times and are constantly adding new and better products to their website. Also, gotta love all the great deals and coupons they do!! <3 them 🙂

  413. Penny says:

    SDF-3 or African Mango HCG Kits. But I LOVE SDF-3 and they are adding Raspberry in it!! Yay I cant wait!

  414. Admin says:

    Yes, we do ship there! You can place your order directly from this website.

  415. Anonymous says:

    is it available in Philippines?

  416. Steph says:

    Can anyone tell me what the difference between the African Mango supplements and the SDF 3 Supplements? I want to try this out but I’m not entirely sure which one to purchase. I want to lose about 25 pounds quickly. I’d appreciate your help!

  417. Rod says:


    can you shipped to manila (phillipines).

    thank you.


  418. Lee says:

    I tried the raspberry ketones that Dr. Oz talked about and they’ve done nothing to my weight loss, size or appetite. I took them for a month. What is in the african mango that will work if this didn’t? Frustrated!!

  419. michelle says:

    hi, i just placed my order for the 3 sdf bottles, just wanting to verify that i will be getting with the raspberry ketones in it, as the one that i have been taking so far is still not working for me.
    my order # is 25367

  420. Admin says:

    I am sorry, that you aren’t seeing any results. When are you taking the pills?

    And yes we are shipping the SDF-3 with the Raspberry Ketone. We are receiving that shipment early next week so your package will ship then.

    Thank you for your business.

  421. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, will give it a try then ^^

  422. Admin says:

    Yes, we do ship there! 🙂

  423. Brennan says:

    Me too! I love them and recommend them to everyone

  424. Emily says:

    I would try using them both together! I’ve been taking African Mango and I love it, but I want to add Raspberry ketone for all of its health benefits as well.

  425. steph says:

    hi i was wondering how long it will take to see results and also if there is a certain time to take the pills

  426. Lee says:

    I take them in the morning, two of them (as directed).

  427. Lee says:

    That’s good to hear! I think I’ll give them a try first then see if I want to add the rasp. ketones back in (I really didn’t find any difference taking them, maybe it’s just me?).

  428. JC says:

    The SDF-3 has African Mango, Acai, Sea Buckthorn AND Raspberry ketone.

    African Mango just has African Mango.

    Why have just one when you can 4 in one? lol

  429. Anne says:

    If you read further down it says to take them between meals.

    Results are usually seen within 2 weeks.

  430. Emily says:

    Actually they said to take them between meals up to four a day with a glass of water.

  431. Britney says:

    im interested in this product but i have seen a previous artical that says if it is an extract that it wont work, are these pills extracts or whole?

  432. Heaven says:

    Wondering can a breastfeeding mother take the super African mango 1200 extract pill?! Is it safe?

  433. Laura says:

    Heaven, We do not see a problem with that. HOWEVER we suggest consulting your doctor before consuming any of our supplements.

  434. Missy says:

    Britney- Its 1200mgs of African Mango extract. You are probably thinking that the Acai is not as good when its an extract.

  435. Leslie says:

    Do you have a Facebook Page?

  436. I could do with getting this product in the UK. Do you ship to the UK?

  437. Laura says:

    Yes we do ship the the UK. We ship all of our international orders First Class International Registered Mail with United States Postal Service. That requires a signature confirmation and tracking number. We do this to insure that the package will arrive safely and in a timely manner.

  438. Laura says:

    Leslie- Yes you our facebook page is here.

  439. stacey says:

    Hello is it safe for a diabetic?

  440. Alexandra Jane says:

    Hi. I am a 16 year old female who lives in South Africa. Ever since I can remember I have struggled with weight issues. I recently found out about this on Womans Health. But they said the products were called Mango Pure and Prime Colon Cleanse. Is this your products? If yes, what would be optimal for me to use in order to lose weight healthily and steadily? Thanks xx

  441. Anonymous says:

    he said can you tell me which african mango to take as there are different pictures on each of the bottles he has looked up.

  442. Marie says:

    Yes the actually recommend it for diabetics. I have type 1 diabetes and I take it and love it.

  443. Prita says:

    No those aren’t the products on this website, but they do have great products here! I would suggest ordering now while they still have their sale going on.

  444. michelle says:

    i have been taking the 2 caps midway between breakfast and lunch, then again midway from lunch to dinner, just like i’m supposed to, and with a full glass of water as well.

  445. ME says:

    hi there,
    i just wanna ask..
    do u ship to Malaysia???

  446. Curious says:

    I want to lose about 15kgs. Can you please advise which product is best for me? Also so you ship to Australia?

  447. Anonymous says:

    Good day
    I have had an ongoing battle with weight loss and have recently been diagnosed with Diabetes 1. With diabetes 2 in my family I want to try at all odds not to become insultin dependant. I live in South Africa and therefore would like to know if you would ship to South Africa. I am interested in the African Mango as I have heard such good things about this product. Also I have an allergy for anything with IODINE in it but I am sure with this been 100% natural there will be no side effects. Please advise

  448. nicole says:

    Good day to you Laura how can I be one of your distributor for you. I would love to know how please Email me my name is Nicole Hunter am now taking the mango, Acai and Sea Buckthorn hope to hear from you soon thank you.

  449. nicole says:

    this is day one for me. need to loose 50 lbs hope it work for me going to the gym for on hour

  450. Kat says:

    You should have no problem losing the weight!

  451. Admin says:

    Yes we do ship to South Africa. The African Mango will be a great product for you.

  452. Admin says:

    We do ship to Australia and we recommend the SDF-3 as that is our top seller with the best results.

  453. Admin says:

    Yes we do ship to Malaysia 🙂

  454. Emily says:

    Have you changed your diet and or exercising habits?

  455. glenna says:

    I have an allergy to mango, any version similar to this without the African Mango? So unfair 🙁

  456. michelle says:

    yes, i have changed my eating alot, i have cut out the junk, and eating at bedtime, too. i have not really been able to exercise too much, aside from walking (and taking care of my very energetic 4 and 6 year olds) as i fell and broke 2 ribs a few weeks ago, but i am not just letting myself be a vegetable : )

  457. Kim says:

    If I order SDF-3 now, will it have the raspberry ketones in it??? It’s not listed on website….

  458. Alycia says:

    I wanted to order the 3 pk for the $104.00 i tried to put the coupon code in and it said its not valid. Is there another coupon code to use?

  459. Alycia says:

    Nevermind i had to type it in, i copied and pasted it the first few times.

  460. Jill says:


    I have hypothyroidism and I’ve been battling with my weight for over 5 years. I have been looking for a natural weight loss aid that will help me shed some fat and get back to the person I used to be: more energetic, happier, and curve-a-licious!

  461. Jenny says:

    Hi, I need to lose 20 pounds as soon as possible. I weigh 158 and I want to go back to my weight from high school which is 125.

  462. Laura says:

    Sounds like SDF-3 will be perfect for you. Just make sure to check in with your doctor just in case.

  463. Laura says:

    Glad you were able to figure it out. Please let us know if you need anything else 🙂

  464. Laura says:

    Yes the SDF-3 now contains Raspbery Ketones

  465. Laura says:

    I would suggest the Acai Premier. Go check it out on our Acai Website http://acaiberry.name/

  466. Kat says:

    Try the SDF-3 its a great product. I love

  467. Karen says:

    PS: do either the mango supplements or the SDF-3 contain grapefruit? I am on a medication which does not allow it in any form or amount. Thx!

  468. Tina says:

    Just got the sdf3. When do I take them. Some people say 2 a day and some say 4 a day?

  469. African Mango says:

    Please take the SDF-3 as follows:

    Take one capsules in between breakfast and lunch with a glass of water and then between lunch and dinner with a glass of water.
    After two weeks please increase the dosage to two pills. (4 total daily)

  470. jESSICA says:


  471. boot says:

    doesn’t the SDF-3 have Raspberry Ketones in it? If so wouldn’t it interfere with this person’s Blood Pressure meds?

  472. dee says:


  473. admin says:

    No, we dont see why it would. BUT we suggest consulting your doctor before taking any of our supplements

  474. admin says:

    Jessica, We recommend the SDF-3 because it has African Mango, Acai, Raspberry Ketone AND Sea Buckthorn all into one pill. If you lose the weight you will not gain it back unless you go back to bad eating habits. We do recommend continuing to take the SDF-3 (at a lower dosage) because it will help you to keep the weight off.

  475. Gus Benson says:

    What are the benefits to putting all the different ingredients in the SDF-3 pill as compared to straight African Mango pills, do you know?

  476. JC says:

    The SDF-3 has African Mango, Acai, Sea Buckthorn AND Raspberry ketone.

    African Mango just has African Mango.

    I said it once and I don’t mind sayin it twice, Why have just one when you can 4 in one?

  477. michelle says:

    try calling motherisk
    usa 1-877-439-2744 ; canada 1- 416-813-6780

  478. Megs says:

    do we need to follow any diet plan while taking this?

  479. nancy says:

    hello, i have read peoples testimonies, am so impress. I leave in nigeria. Where can i get it in nigeria. Hope ur sdf-e will help reduce my tommy, arms & my tighs. I am desperately in need of dis african mango. Besides, i dont want 2 oder frm web site because of dely. Just tell me where 2 get it in nigeria that will be okay and faster for me.