Irisin a new hormone discovery that mimics exercise and fights obesity

I just saw some very exciting news on Fox News. Dr Garner talked about a new hormone called Irisin that mimics the effects on the body of exercise. No, it doesn’t build muscles. But all the other good things that happen after exercise occur when taking this hormone. Fat burning – the bad white type […]

Healthy Weight Loss – StraightForward Ideas

It&#1109 that time ag&#1072&#1110n fo&#1075 dreams of starting &#1072 new and accomplishing th&#1077 goals we f&#1072iled to succeed la&#1109t year. &#921f y&#1086ur g&#1086al is to lose tho&#1109&#1077 e&#1093t&#1075a pounds &#1072n&#1281 become m&#1086r&#1077 fit, th&#1077n it &#1086nly makes sen&#1109e to choose &#1072 weight loss &#1088l&#1072n th&#1072t will &#1110ncr&#1077&#1072se y&#1086ur o&#1141&#1077&#1075&#1072ll optimum health. &#914&#1091 choosing an organic […]

Quick Solutions Of coconut water Uncovered

There are lots of health declare benefits that the coconut drinking water making providers are touting. Between the statements are: it will increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, enhance the immune method, boost the metabolic process, handle kidney stones, decrease the danger of cancer and stroke, has anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-microbial homes, can help to carry […]

The Basics of african mango Dr Oz That You Can Benefit From Starting Today

African Mango seems to be the sizzling new eating habits pattern for 2012, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon. Its about time. Dr Oz 1st shone the spotlight on it way back again in Oct 2010 when he featured it on his tv indicate, and afterwards outlined it as a major 10 daily musts for […]

Looking forward to what changes 2012 brings us in new diet trends

As 2011 draws to a close I look back at the changes to the health and diet scene which saw quite a few changes. Probably the biggest was the explosion of interest in the HCG Diet, which is really just a retread of a 1950’s fad that has been taken over by marketers to hype […]

HCG excess fat-reduction nutritional supplements are illegal, rules the FDA and FTC

With more Americans scrambling to find rapid cures for their weight-management woes, manufacturers and retailers may be tempted to jump on the popular HCG diet bandwagon. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission, however, want you to know that this is very bad ideaand they’ve issued warning letters to seven HCG homeopathic […]

Biothin – the latest diet product from Dr Mercola

Dr. Mercola is a well respected nutritionalist and staunch organic foods advocate who runs a very successful website, I truly appreciate the depth of knowledge he shares and the energy he devotes to educating the public on the dangers of “supermarket” and junk foods that are truly killing millions every year. Yes, he does […]

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil the latest weight loss discovery by Dr Oz

Dr Oz touched off another tsunami in the diet and weight loss world last week when he featured yet another “superfood”, the Sea Buckthorn Berry . Somewhat reminiscent of the firestorm that followed his review of the Acai Berry back in 2008 and the African Mango in October 2010, interest in viewing the most recent […]

African Mango Diet the hot new weight loss aid for 2011

It seems like every week or so there is yet another exotic fruit or plant from the deep within the jungle that we find is a weight loss/fountain of youth/natural viagra/regrow your hair/cure cancer miracle. Well, here’s yet another to add to the list – African Mango. Strangely enough, this one actually does what it […]

Genetics Coffee and Craving

The amount of caffeine you consume might be influenced by DNA. Researchers have come to realize that DNA might be playing a very huge role in the way people are consuming beverages with caffeine such as coffee, foods like chocolate and tea. The research has some interesting explanations as to the reason some people are […]