SDF-3 Superfruit Diet now includes Raspberry Ketone

New Life Botanicals, the makers of the popular Superfruit Diet Formula SDF-3, have recently revised their formula to include Raspberry Ketone as one of the main ingredients. For those that are not already familiar with this product, SDF3 is a healthy, natural weight loss formula based on those products Dr Oz has called “Superfruits”, hence […]

Primary Issues In Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is probably the most effective fat burning extracts known. This powerful enzyme tells your body to automatically burn fat as energy without exercising. Little known until recently, when Dr. Oz named raspberry ketone a “miracle in a bottle” during an episode with fitness expert Lisa Lynn. Today &#68r. Oz has a great s&#104ow lined up […]

Helpful Advice On Choosing Elements For raspberry ketone diet

Exercises are found in all weight programs. Exercises are physical activities that involve moving certain parts of the body. Staying in shape and weight loss can all be gotten from exercising. When you lose weight, it is not automatic that you are healthy. To feel great, simply incorporate those exercises you enjoy in your fat […]

Raspberry Ketone, Targeted Fat Burning and Dr. Oz

Weight loss is such a controversial subject. Well, other than the fact more people need to lose weight than ever before right now. The controversies come from new diet pills, fad diets and the fact that “what’s good for you to eat” is always changing according to the news. One thing is for sure… there’s […]